Wedding weight loss #9 – Slimming world journey

I have completed a full two months at Slimming World now, probably the best ‘diet’, more lifestyle change, I have ever stuck to. In all honesty the time has flown by, it has been really enjoyable and I can now see changes in my body, although no one else has noticed yet :(.On the scales last night I had lost another -1.5 lb which was great, it is going in the right direction! Mum had a major loss again, getting all the awards last night – 2 stone weight loss, slimmer of the week and group slimmer of the month again. I’ve currently lost 1 stone 4.5 lb which is great after only 8 weeks. I had hoped to loose a stone as my wedding weight loss but Slimming World has just made it so easy. I still have another 9 months so I don’t know how much I’ll manage to loose by then.

wedding weight loss

My next goals are probably my 1 and a half stone loss which might be hard over Christmas. Fortunately over Christmas I am having the 25th at my Mums so I know staying good won’t be too hard and there will be plenty for me to eat and I am hosting boxing day for Jon’s side of the family so I can make sure there are low syn tasty treats for me. I would just hate to go back in January with a gain after all this hard work.

At the moment our house has a building site for a kitchen, hopefully we should have a working kitchen before Christmas (fingers crossed). When all that is complete I will be able to start sharing more of my recipes and bakes to show some of the delicious Slimming World things I have been making.

Overall Results – Wedding Weight Loss Plan #9

Weeks Weight Loss

– 1.5lb

Wedding Weight Loss to date

– 18.5