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In December 2014 I was proposed too and over the weekend we set a date for our wedding and have also booked our reception venue for in 13 months which is pretty exciting. For years though I have suffered with very low body confidence, a strange one for a blogger but why you don’t see many outfit posts from me. Blogging has meant that I have met some of the most beautiful women of all sizes who have boosted my confidence more than ever and helped me accept my imperfections a little more. That being said I want to look good for my wedding day, be healthier and look my best so that I get some confidence back and feel more me. So enough of self loathing, I’ve set some personal goals and created a wedding weight loss plan to change my lifestyle with more exercise and eating healthier with more variety and portion control.

Wedding Weight Loss Plan #1

For the first month to kick start the diet I’m doing a mix of Slimfast, smoothies and healthy eating to see what works for me. I am going to stop weighing myself everyday because why do I do that?! and start taking body measurements to see how my exercise is helping and impacting. I also think I will take a before photo so that in 13 months I can see how far I have come. And lastly, as I am a horrendous secret eater (- if no one sees you eat it, it doesn’t count right?) I will document my progress honestly on My Fitness Pal and share how I am going with my wedding weight loss plan.

So this weeks efforts have been been difficult. Firstly I got a heavy cold and felt awful, sorry there were no blog posts. This made it really hard to not snack or binge when I was feeling rotten. My Fitness Pal is a fantastic app that I am going to force myself to use everyday for the next 13 months. It tracks your food intake as well as exercise to help ration your calories. It made me far more aware of what I was eating and gave me more focus on portion size. Because of this I made healthy filling meals so I didn’t think about extras.

With the app I ate between 986 and 1462 calories a day and had lots of vegetables, thai green curry, quorn wraps, burritos, Heinz tuscan beanz on toast and also lots of eggs. Eggs were recommended for a dieting vegetarian, they are full of protein as well as being filling.

Exercise wise I was feeling poorly so no gym visits, not great for my wedding weight loss plan, but dog walks everyday, a few very long which Sam didn’t complain about. I have also been decorating the house all weekend which was tiring! wedding weight loss plan

Top 3

The top 3 best discoveries of the week were first a pudding, the chocolate pear crisp which can be found here. It gave me my chocolate fix and was absolutely delicious, as well as only being 140 calories. It was a hit with the rest of the family who want me to make it again this week.

Second this week was that we finally invested in a spiralizer which, if you are on a diet or cannot have gluten, is fantastic for replacing pasta. I made courgette spagetti, dry fried for 3 minutes and then cooked in sauce, for my partner and sister and they said they preferred it to spagetti! It was so quick to do, very healthy and low calorie but super tasty. Pasta is one of my biggest downfalls, especially when I’m busy so I can see me having this quite a few times a month an becoming a regular meal in my wedding weight loss plan.

Thirdly is the My Fitness Pal app. It reminds you when to log your food and gives you a rough estimate of your calorie intake, you can scan food bar codes or search for similar meals on the app. It gives you a warning if you eat too little in a day so you stay healthy and gives you a boost at the end of the day by telling you what your weight would be in 5 weeks if every day was like that day. I also like that it lets me know the positives in my meal such as high in iron, protein or fiber as well as the negatives such as too much carbohydrates or sodium in a day so I stay balanced.  The app also tells you how many days streak you have used it and tracks weekly weightloss in a graph. Hopefully it will really help me through the next 13 months of my wedding weight loss plan.

Overall Results – Wedding Weight Loss Plan #1

Weight Loss

-0.6lb   :( Boo but it is a start

Measurement Changes –

Bust: -3cm!
Waist: -0cm
Hips: -3cm!
Thighs: -1cm!

Measurement changes have made this week feel so much more successful that weighing alone, especially as I am more interested in looking better than a number on the scales.


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  1. Tahana Lee
    2015/08/04 / 22:37

    You’re doing amazing! Just be careful doing any exercise on the days you’re only having 900 ish calories… your body needs more fuel than that for a good workout session xxx

    • 2015/08/05 / 10:49

      Thank you! It was only that low on the day I was feeling poorly, not eating that little on days I’m working out :) x

  2. 2015/08/05 / 22:25

    You are doing really well and it’s always good to have something to aim at…what better than a wedding. Wish you all the best and this is an inspiring blog post xx

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