Cheap Summer Ideas – Top 10 Summer Budget Ideas

Finding things to fill the summer doesn’t always have to be pricey. Are you are in need of some summer budget ideas and inspiration for summer fun? Skip the expensive brunches – you do not need to have deep pockets to enjoy our list of cheap summer ideas activities!

1. Visits to art galleries and museums

Not only are they often free but you can spend so much time there seeing really interesting things and often learn a thing or two.

2. Have a look on Airbnb

Don’t think you can afford a holiday this year? Check out Airbnb and you might be in for a surprise. Whether local or abroad there are some lovely places to stay in whilst you visit the area, often being much cheaper if there is a group of you. You can find yourself staying in someones house with them or opt for the whole space. We did this on our recent trip to Paris, £40 a night for the both of us, in a gorgeous little apartment with a balcony in a fantastic location. We couldn’t believe our luck, especially booking last minute. I would share a link to the lovely apartment we stayed in as I would highly recommend it but it looks as if she is currently off Airbnb. Even if you aren’t on a budget Airbnb has some fantastic locations and really unique stays.

Cheap Summer Ideas

 3. Visit family and friends

now you have some time off or want to spend more of your weekends out and about in the lovely English summer why not visit friends and family. If they live some distance away you can visit new places and if not find somewhere local you haven’t explored with them yet

4. Go for a picnic or a walk in the park

Something simple, cheerful and cheap… as well as getting you some fresh air and a little exercise.

Cheap Summer Ideas

5. Go camping or caravan-ing

Something that I haven’t done in years but is so much fun with a crowd of your girls. One of my favourite trips with the girls was when we stayed at a caravan park, had BBQ’s, drinks, trips to the onsite swimming pool and days out to Filey and Scarborough. Overall I think the stay was something like £14 each and was a great laugh.Cheap Summer Ideas Cheap Summer Ideas

6. Groupon, Virgin Experience Days, Tastecard, LivingSocial, Lime&Tonic, Gilt

Great websites to get you the things you want this summer, a place to eat out, spa day or an experience out and about for a fraction of the price. For dining out I highly recommend Tastecard as you can currently trial it for £1 for 90 days (which will get you through the summer) and it can get you 241 or 50% off food as selected restaurants. We get it yearly now for about £40 and as a couple it saves us a lot each restaurant visit.

7. Have a BBQ

Get the BBQ sizzling and the Pimm’s flowing for a perfect summer day without too much cost. At least it is far cheaper than the pub, especially for a veggie like me!

8. A night in

Try a new recipe, have a pamper night in or have a look at the latest and greatest on Netflix. Feeling special, combine all three for a fun night. If you are looking for a healthy kick to the summer try out juicing or making smoothies.Cheap Summer Ideas

9. Have some me time with a good book

Relax, take it easy and get absorbed into another world. If you are stuck for ideas I have been writing about this years reading list here.

10. Get exercising

Getting fit doesn’t have to be expensive, invest in a skipping rope, hula hoop, get running, go for long walks, dig out the bike or join a yoga or zumba class – whatever works for you! For me it is dog walking and taking the camera :)

Cheap Summer Ideas

Do you have any other cheap summer ideas? What has been missed from the list of top 10 summer budget ideas?



  1. Kimberly Ann
    2015/07/27 / 15:28

    I used airbnb in Costa Rica and loved it! These are great ideas!

    Kim .. Weekend OOTD & cut your own hair!

  2. 2015/07/27 / 16:53

    Great ideas! I really want to visit some galleries this summer as there are some exhibitions I’m desperate to see in London.

    Freya |

  3. 2015/07/27 / 16:59

    These are fun ideas! I’ve been to a few museums. I’m in a new city for the summer, so I do a lot of local stuff. Even though it’s not a “real” vacation, it’s all new to me so it’s still a ton of fun. Going on hiking trails is another one of my favorites!


  4. Pili G
    2015/07/27 / 17:11

    Great ideas! Being do lots of this lately to just relax this vacations. Great post!



    Records of my Troubles

  5. Soph Cullen
    2015/07/27 / 17:42

    Brill ideas!

    Ive been trying to do lots of these to save me from boredom, walks are my fave thing to do at the minute! xxx

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