What British Parents Should Love About String Cheese for Snack Time

Who doesn’t love cheese?

Britain’s demand for cheese products is as high as it has been in years. We’ve seen a 62% rise in the amount of people purchasing cheese products, and among those consumers, a whopping 31% are first-time buyers. That not only bodes for a substantial increase in the demand for cheese among British shoppers, but seems to indicate that growth in the cheese market is sustainable and will, like Britain’s appetite for cheese, only grow with time.

There are many reasons for this growth, one potential one being the rise of cheesy snack foods for kids. As parents continue to hunt for snack foods which are fast, easy, and healthy for their children, string cheese and similar products have begun to make their mark as one of the premiere foodstuffs in this niche market. Here are just a few reasons why cheese strings and similar products are shooting to the top of the list of the UK’s favourite lunch snacks.

What British Parents Should Love About String Cheese for Snack Time 3

Easy to Pack

If you’re a parent, chances are you know all too well the whirlwind of domestic chaos that is morning time in your house as everyone tries to get ready for school and work. Morning times aren’t exactly the best time to be spending hours on end in the kitchen. Your kids need to get to school, and you need to get to work or otherwise get on with your day. You all need to get moving, which is why you’ll want to shop ahead of time for snack foods which can be easily packed and stored within seconds and without a second thought.

String cheese meets that criteria nicely. It’s packed inside a slender, yet durable, plastic tube and requires no preparation. All you have to do is take it out of the refrigerator, pop it in your child’s lunchbox, and you and they are good to go.

Their Daily Dose of Dairy

You always want to make sure your kids are getting enough dairy to keep their bones strong and bodies healthy. That being said, dairy products aren’t the easiest to store and pack for school. Milk, yoghurt, and similar products have a nasty tendency of opening up and splattering everywhere. What’s more, products like those need to be stored in low temperatures, and that’s typically not an option for your child when they’re taking a lunch to school.

The last thing you want is for your child to be stuck with sour milk for lunch.

Here again, string cheese products such as Strings & Things make snack time easier and better for parents and children alike. Each string boasts 180 ml of dairy, as much as an average full glass of milk. That means that these products can help you contribute towards your child’s daily recommended dose of dairy without having to worry about giving them something which will splatter or sour.

What’s more, string cheese boasts significant amounts of calcium and Vitamin D, making them an even better dairy-based snack time option.

Britain’s hungrier for cheese than ever before, and that includes parents ready to meet their kids’ snack time needs with easy to pack dairy-rich string cheese options.


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