World Map Watch for under £1.50 / $2.50

world map watch

World Map Watch

I instantly feel in love with the watch after spotting it in a shop and had a look online to see if I could find it any cheaper. I found it on eBay and decide to try it and see if it was the same quality. So I put my order in and waited for it to arrive.  Since it was coming from China I knew there might be a slight wait.

The one I ordered was with a brown strap but there are other colours. First inspections were that the strap on the watch was slightly darker than what the images on eBay showed, but the actual watch was really good quality, far better than I expected. It’s such a cute, quirky design!

I will say that I’m very impressed with what you get for £1.30 the overall quality of the watch is great, as I’ve said before I am quite clumsy and I have dropped it a few times and not managed to mark or even damage it.

world map watch
Even using it as watch its very good, it keeps very good time. I have not noticed it loose any real amount of time yet. The strap looks slightly cheap compared to the rest of the watch but you can change the strap easily if it bothers you. It is worth noting not to wear the watch in the shower as its not waterproof and I have read some stories of people breaking theirs doing this. So this will probably be how I end up killing it in the next few months :)

world map watch
The only downside of the world map watch is that the delivery time of the watch was over 1 month. So if your in any rush for a watch I wouldn’t recommend it. But as a super cute accessory you cant really go wrong for the price. It makes a fantastic accessory and a great gift item that anyone will love.

World Map Watch


  1. 2014/04/14 / 07:44

    What a fancy looking watch! I like the simplicity of the face of the watch and how its not covered by any numbers. The brown strap seems fitting for it too, kind of makes it look like an antique or vintage or something! love it!


  2. Kristel
    2014/04/14 / 07:46

    Wauw, I love it!

  3. Ashlie
    2014/04/14 / 09:45

    I have this watch too and its brilliant!

  4. Sociallyunsound
    2014/04/14 / 09:52

    eBay can be so addictive, the amount of iPhone cases I grabbed for less than $1 is ridiculous!! As long as your happy to wait eternity for shipping!! This looks worth the wait too!!

  5. 2014/04/14 / 10:19

    Hey Girl!

    I am so in love with this watch! It’s so cute… This is a great purchase, and now, I feel like buying one for myself as well. Maybe after my exams :)

    I hope that you have a great day.

    Much love,


  6. Emma Jane
    2014/04/14 / 12:08

    Awesome watch!

    2014/04/14 / 13:05

    Just bought it – I’ve been looking for one for ages, and it’s so cheap, I thought I might as well!
    Thank you so much! x

  8. 2014/04/14 / 13:17

    Great and not expensive!! :*

  9. Geukje
    2014/04/14 / 13:23

    Lovely watch! :-)

  10. Leneth
    2014/04/14 / 13:55

    This is so cute ! I love it :)

  11. Astrid De Clercq
    2014/04/14 / 14:11

    so cute!

  12. Sarah Barker
    2014/04/14 / 15:53

    Awe…So cute and interesting. I could imagine wearing this with a big sweater and a hat. It would be like the cherry on top.

  13. Lauren Schroer
    2014/04/14 / 16:00

    I love this watch and I actually purchased one from eBay sometime last year. Unfortunately mine completely broke after 2 hours of wear when I accidentally hit my arm against a doorframe (not even that hard either!). The entire watch fell into a ton of little pieces and couldn’t be saved :( good thing it was so inexpensive!
    I still love the look of this watch though so I might have to order another and just be extra careful this time around!

    Lauren // Lipstick & Lacquer

  14. molly
    2014/04/14 / 16:20

    this watch looks so pretty, can’t believe the price! xx

  15. 2014/04/14 / 16:23

    Oh it’s really cute! I’ve never seen these before but I’ll have a look now!

  16. Camila
    2014/04/14 / 17:27

    Oh that is so cute! I really need one! and that price is ridiculous! Watches are such useful accessories!

  17. Jemma
    2014/04/15 / 15:39

    Thanks sooo much for putting this on! I have a friend with a birthday coming up who will love this. Just ordered two so that I can have one as well :’)

  18. Olivia Roach
    2014/04/15 / 18:55

    It looks SO cool! <333

  19. Barbara Lu
    2014/04/16 / 18:25

    I have ordered mine in that white/beige colour, can’t wait for it to come. They have estimated it in 10-15 days though!

  20. 2014/04/19 / 20:39

    This is gorgeous. Looks like a very cultured watch.

  21. Rachael McClenaghan
    2014/04/20 / 15:17

    Such a gorgeous watch! have added it to my wee list!

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

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