Yves Rocher Sérum Végétal Wrinkles & Radiance Creams

I am only 24 but I know the importance of taking care of my skin and preventing any aging effects. I know I am a little young to be focusing on a product review of an anti wrinkle product but anti-aging and skin firming creams have become an important step in my everyday skincare routine.

Yves Rocher Sérum Végétal Wrinkles & Radiance Creams

The latest addition to my skin care routine has been the Yves Rocher Sérum Végétal Wrinkles & Radiance creams. They are available on the Yves Rocher website for £10.90 each (Half price) but the Night Care is currently out of stock but is available here. The other available version in the Sérum Végétal range is the Wrinkles & Firmness for plumping where as the products I have been testing are aimed at smoothing.

yves rocher

I have combination skin has been really liking both of these creams. I have had trouble mixing them up which is a little frustrating as they are pretty identical with matching orange lids but they have completely different consistencies. The glass jars do feel luxurious as do the products themselves.

The Smoothing Day Care day cream has a very light texture, mild fragrance and sinks in quickly as a non greasy base for my make up. It works well on my blemish prone, sensitive skin and helps on both my dry and oily areas of skin.

yves rocher

The Smoothing Night Care Night cream has been working really well for my dry skin as it is a much thicker, balmy consistency. It isn’t greasy and again sinks in quickly, when I wake up in the morning my skin feels much brighter and fresher.

yves rocher

Overall I have been really impressed with the duo night and day creams and have a growing love for Yves Rocher products.

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Smoothing Day Care – Wrinkles & Radiance*
Smoothing Night Care – Wrinkles & Radiance*



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    2015/04/07 / 14:18

    These sound great! Thanks for the review!

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