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I am not a regular false lash wearer, I have tried them on a few nights out and then usually ended up taking them off at some point throughout the night out of frustration but other than that I generally steer clear. I have bought false lashes recently and love the look false lashes give so when I was invited to the Nouveau Lashes beauty blogger event I thought this may be the perfect time to learn the tips and techniques with false lash application.

nouveau lashes

I did inquire about the lashes from Nouveau Lashes after being told that they used natural hair or natural synthetic hair. I hate the idea of any cruelty for these lashes and try to choose brands that are ethically sourced and cruelty free. The team at the event said that Nouveau lashes use hairs brushed from Mink in a cruelty free way and their synthetic lashes are as naturally produced and use the least chemicals possible to produce them. I cannot find anything suggesting there is any cruelty towards the Mink used by this company but wish they had a little more info about their production and stance on cruelty free as the Zara’s ‘lovingly brushed’ rabbits for Angora screaming in agony still haunts me.

At the event my eyes were assessed for the right size and design needed and my eye shape didn’t really fit any of their categories. The closest was ‘protruding’ – charming. This mean’t the lashes for me from the Nouveau Lashes strip lashes was the Volume Style 3. The lashes are held on a very thin piece of  plastic that if you work a little before applying becomes much easier to shape round your eye. They needed trimming slightly but with tweezers were very easy to apply. I wouldn’t say they look particularly natural as they are so long but they are far from the typical block solid lashes. These might be better for nights out but I also have their Natural Style 4 Strip lashes which I will try out for an everyday look.

nouveau lashes

Are you a false lash fan?



  1. Laura Sweetingham
    2015/04/06 / 13:47

    I love falsh lashes but rarely put in the effort for a night out. I’ve never tried Nouveau but these look gorgeous! Can’t wait to hear how you get on with the natural ones for everyday!

    Laura Cinnamon xx

  2. kitty kaos
    2015/04/06 / 12:48

    I love false lashes so it was great to hear that these are cruelty free x

  3. Lipsticknlinguine
    2015/04/06 / 13:18

    These lashes look great on you

  4. 2015/04/06 / 14:03

    I tried falsies last year but now I am so impatient to wear them lol.

  5. Caitlin
    2015/04/06 / 20:08

    I love a good false lashes. I have wondered if the mink lashes were worth the price. I typically just get mine from Sally’s. Maybe I will try these, they look awesome. Look forward to hearing more! Xo

  6. 2015/04/06 / 22:29

    I just googled the rabbit thing because I didn’t know about it :/

  7. Miki Nyckel
    2015/04/07 / 19:00

    I looove fake lashes!! Love love love! I’ve actually been obsessed with the Ardell colored lashes (corresponding to your eye color – wine colored for my blue eyes, amazeballs. And single lashes). I have to check now if they’re cruelty free or what, I thought they were fake ‘hair’, but I’ll make sure! Thanks for the info on that!! :o And I like to get mine at Sally’s :)

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