Almost Famous – Vegetarian Leeds

I was recently invited to attend an event at Almost Famous in Leeds to try out some of their new menu. When I first received the invite I was a little surprised as a vegetarian, my friend works there so I knew they used to be fairly anti-veggie/pro-meat. Almost Famous is such a fun and popular place and it was quite exciting, as a vegetarian who can often be left out, that they have introduced a small vegetarian selection to their menu.

almost famous

Whilst being heavily invested in meat the vegetarian options aren’t as typical or boring as you may expect. The Brittany Murphy at £8.50 is two mac patties, sun dried tomatoes, onions, lettuce, jalapeno relish, famous sauce and redneck BBQ sauce in a regular burger bap form. Your second option if the Anna Nicole at £10, easily feeding two or three people, this mammoth meal is a three cheese toasted melt with pineapple, sundried tomatoes, jalapeno relish, million island sauce and redneck BBQ sauce.

almost famousalmost famous

At the event I was sat with fellow veggie blogger Natalie, The Tofu Diaries, which was great as we ordered both meals and shared them. Both were really nice but incredibly bad for you (ahh dear wedding weight loss diaries). They had a lot of flavor and a lot of thought has gone into creating a tasty, unique vegetarian alternative.

almost famousalmost famousalmost famous

Sides were the area Almost Famous could definitely improve for veggie options. The chips and waffles all have meat sprinkled on top with no way of ordering them without for the vegetarians, which would be an easy solution and probably a successful one to implement. Chips available to non meat eaters have a marmite topping, which I liked despite not being a fan of marmite, but it does limit your options if your a vegetarian marmite hater. Other than the chips mac and cheese balls are available which were so tasty and filling.

almost famous

Whilst there we also tried a few cocktails, something you should definitely give a go if you go to almost famous. I really loved the famous frickin’ swizzle although many really liked the soda shack gimlet that contains portobello gin, cream soda cordial and lemon zest and tasted like, ‘liquid cheesecake!’

almost famous

Overall american style restaurants in the UK normally have nothing I can eat other than grouping sides together, so being able to have a choice of two very different meals was great. The food was delicious and the cocktails too so I would highly recommend Almost Famous and hope their space on the menu for veggie options grows!