Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl Youtube Video

This last week I have been curling my hair with a new gadget and made a video showing my first use. Here is my Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl Youtube Video showing my first impressions, initial reactions and results.

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Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl YoutubeBabyliss Pro Perfect Curl Youtube

I have wanted the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl for such a long time and was so excited when I finally chose to get it. I have been using it all the past two weeks and testing out different settings to see the alternative results. If you have never seen the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl it is a semi-automatic hair curler. The BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl automatically draws hair into the ceramic curl chamber. The curl chamber heats from all directions to very quickly, in a few seconds, creates the curls. It has an audio beep indicator to let you know when to release the hair based on whether you have chosen tight, defined curls through to softer loose waves on the settings. There are also three temperature settings, 3 timer settings and the option to select the curl direction.

Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl YoutubeBabyliss Pro Perfect Curl Youtube

It is suitable for all hair lengths although I wouldn’t recommend it for very short hair or if your hair is much longer than mine. The 3 heat settings are 190C, 210C and 230C so it is great for heavy hair like mine for making it last. The heat ready indicator light lets you know when its ready and takes around 30 seconds. It also has auto shut off features, after 15 minutes of no use it drops to 150C and after an hour it turns off completely.

Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl YoutubeBabyliss Pro Perfect Curl Youtube

In the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl youtube video I initially had the setting with the left side curls going to the left and the right going to the right so they were very uniform and regulated curls but in the images today I curled it on the alternating setting. It looks far more natural and I am much happier with the results this time as it looks more relaxed and a bit more voluminous. The curls for me last two days although uniformed curls look better the second day turning into large loose, beach waves.

Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl YoutubeBabyliss Pro Perfect Curl Youtube

A few negatives with the curler are that the barrel gets hot. You have to be careful with the outer plastic and have a heat resistant mat ready to put it on inbetween curling. The curls are also quite tight and it is a shame I cant create larger curls for the length of my hair.  There is a sticker telling you which side has to face towards your head so you always must check you are holding it the correct way, I haven’t tested out what happens if you get this wrong. Overall I am so happy with it though, it takes less than half an hour for me to achieve these results and I have very long, thick, heavy hair. The curls are glossy, shiny and not only last the day but into the second day as a gentle wave and loose curl.

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  1. 2015/05/17 / 16:37

    I really enjoyed your video, the Babyiss Curl Secret surpassed the GHD on my wish list by far, your hair looks really great!
    Pieces in Pink | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. GoFashiondeals
    2015/05/17 / 23:34

    What a great review!! Love your hair!

  3. Leila Benhamida
    2015/05/18 / 06:58

    Will definitely buy one, a bit expensive at the moment . Your hair looks amazing.

  4. Pili G
    2015/05/18 / 17:31

    My mom told me about this and I really wanted one! Your hair looks amazing!



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  5. 2015/05/18 / 18:39

    I’ve wanted these for ages! I don’t like using heat on my hair (apart from my hairdryer to be honest) but I wouldn’t mind using these once in a while. I have long thick hair like yourself so I’m glad to have seen that it worked well with your hair.

    May have to contemplate picking these up in the future. ^_^

  6. 2015/05/20 / 11:24

    This is a bloody brilliant contraption! I need this in my life… My hair is a very similar to yours so it looks like this could finally be my answer to curling my hair! At £130 it is quite a spend, but knowing how well my Babyliss Pro Diamond Hairdryer works it is probably worth the expense. Now excuse me whilst I go shop for them ;)

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