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Bathory Bath Salts

The Bathory recently gave me a code to invent my own bath salts. The Bathory works by first choosing one of 3 different salt mixes as a base and then the second step is to choose 3 different organic essential oils. The 3 different salt mixes are –

  • BASK – in a bath packed with three luxurious, mineral-rich salts.
  • DETOX – with pure Epsom salts and Rhassoul clay to draw out toxins.
  • SOOTHE – my skin with hydrating oatmeal, honey and buttermilk.

I chose soothe as I love a mix of oatmeal and honey in my bath products and a soothing buttermilk bath sounds fantastic although I would love to try the other two in the future. There are 10 different organic essential oils to choose from in your mix –

  • Bergamot – The Uplifting One
  • Chamomile – The Calming One
  • Eucalyptus – The Reviving One
  • Frankincense – The Spicy One
  • Grapefruit – The Inspiring One
  • Lavender – The Relaxing One
  • Lemon – The Zingy One
  • Rosemary – The Magical One
  • Sandalwood – The Exotic One
  • Ylang Ylang – The Sexy One


The 3 oils that I chose to go with my oatmeal honey and buttermilk base were bergamot, lemon and eucalyptus. I love bergamot, its a bitter orange scent and combining it with citrus and reviving oils worked really well.  To use the bathory salts run a hot bath then sprinkle in the powder based salts. You can add either a quarter, half of the entire bottle of salts to a bath depending on how concentrated you would like it so the bath salts don’t stretch too far. I used about a quarter which was plenty for me and turned my bath water creamy. It gave off a lovely and relaxing aroma which was really soothing.


The Bathory salts are sent in violet glass that protects the essential oils so there are no presevatives needed. The bottle is 100% recyclable but also looks really pretty so I may use it as a make up brush holder when I am done. The Bathory is a UK company and your bespoke ingredients are blended individually. Even though it is a UK company their prices are in dollars and including shipping a bottle comes to $35, about £21.50 which some may find a bit pricey for 4 baths worth. They do offer gift cards which I think is such a lovely present, being able to customise your own soak.

What would you have in a customised bath soak?

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