Bucket list travel: a look at some of the top places to visit in the world right now

We all need a break away from time to time, especially if work stresses are getting in the way or you’re desperate to soak up some sunshine in a foreign climate. In terms of destinations, we certainly aren’t short on options in the modern world, with holidaymakers travelling everywhere in search of some unforgettable memories. In terms of compiling a travel bucket list, there are certainly some worthy destinations. 

In fact, when assessing the variety of places worth exploring on this beautiful planet of ours, the options are overwhelmingly extensive. While some people want white sandy beaches and luxurious offerings, others want adventure-themed getaways and activity-filled destinations. Ultimately, it depends on the individual. Alongside this, some people are obviously searching for a location that can cater towards a family holiday, while couples might be hoping to switch off from any stresses in life and go on a romantic adventure, similar to the one on offer in the vampire-themed Immortal Romance online slot game. Given the sheer amount of options available in the world, we can’t cover them all, but below is a look at just some bucket list destinations many people are desperate to visit in 2022 and beyond. 

Bali, Indonesia

In need of a taste of paradise? Then look no further than Bali in Indonesia. Offering luxury resorts and pristine beaches, the chilled out vibe on offer in Bali is a huge pull for many holidaymakers. People can also find volcanoes, Komodo dragons and jungles while also being able to explore the country’s amazing natural beauty. Additionally, the Balinese people are incredibly welcoming and make for superb hosts. 

Kerry, Ireland

When most people consider visiting Ireland, major cities like Dublin or Belfast generally top the list. In actual fact, though, counties such as Kerry should be far more popular. Offering stunning scenery that wouldn’t look out of place on a postcard, this particular part of Ireland has lakes, mountains, and a variety of beautiful coastlines. Go-to places people enjoy visiting include Killarney National Park and quaint towns such as Dingle. 

The Maldives

Particularly popular with honeymooners and couples alike, the Maldives is a tropical destination unlike no other. Made up of more than 1000 coral islands, it is known for its luxurious offering and all-round high-end hospitality. With underwater villas and world-renowned hotels, you’ll struggle not to feel pampered in the Maldives. Throw in its amazing cuisine and world-class diving opportunities, and it’s easy to see why it’s at the top of many peoples’ lists. 

Cape Town, South Africa

There is plenty to see and do in Cape Town, making it one of the most desirable holiday destinations around in 2022. Popular options include the Table Mountain aerial cableway, exploring the Cape Point Nature Reserve, and taking in its endless amount of natural beauty and clifftop views. A cosmopolitan city, there is also plenty of excellent food and drink to sample. 

Paris, France

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the appeal of Paris never seems to wane, and it’s incredibly easy to see why. One of the most iconic cities around offers visitors a comprehensive selection of things to see and do, from sampling delicious and authentic fresh cuisine to getting to the very top of the iconic Eiffel Tower. A stunningly beautiful city, other must-see attractions include the Arc de Triomphe and the Notre Dame cathedral. 

Other places to consider include Marrakesh (Morocco), Bora Bora (French Polynesia), Rome (Italy), London (England), Waikato (New Zealand), Havana (Cuba), Santorini (Greece), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Seoul (Korea), Copenhagen (Denmark), and Lisbon (Portugal). 


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