Massage Chairs

After a long day at work, many people just want to feel relaxed in the comfort of their homes. Some people have no issue having a regular masseuse come over and rub off the exhaustion, but some feel they need privacy and peace after a long day. Besides, the quiet massages do not come cheap from trained professionals and the convenient way of getting one would be a massage chair.

So, where do you find the best chairs available? Komoder offers an array of options that suits your needs, and you can view the massage chairs at the Komoder showrooms. The good thing with Komoder is that they let you experience the massage chairs and find the best fit. If you wish to check the prices, all you need is to search massage chair London, and you will be good to go because Komoder is the one-stop-shop for massage chairs and you can even get a special offer.

There are a variety of chairs at Komoder, but this guide will narrow down to four models that can serve our client’s needs.

Titan II Ultra High-End Massage Chairs

The Titan II Ultra high-end massage chair offers clients the best service because it is the only chair with 24 automatic programs and six massage techniques that you can adjust to five massage intensity levels. Clients wouldn’t need to be distracted because it has Bluetooth and four built-in speakers to make your experience all the more relaxed. The massage chair has an eight-roller system, four dedicated for your neck to the upper back and the other four from the lower back to the pelvic area. For more information, massage chair UK offers the best reviews on the product.

Focus II Massage Chair

The Focus II massage chair was made to change your life and the family. The chair has four massage hands with a built-in 3D function, and they are easy to move and silent, thus perfect for your home. The L shaped massage system runs on a curved rail which is the longest one of its kind. The curved rail guarantees a full body massage from the head to the knee through the pelvic area.

The massage chair scans your body and adjusts to your body to provide you with the best possible experience regardless of your weight and height.

Victoria II Massage Chair

You want the perfect chair to stimulate all your nerve endings; this is the chair that will do that through reflex therapy. The Victoria II also adjusts to suit the client’s needs with the same features as the Focus II massage chair.

Victoria II provides a complete airbag pressure massage for your shoulders, back, arms and legs. The technology allows you to adjust to your specifications. You will use Victoria II every day, especially if you love relaxing after work. You will enjoy using it every day because you will notice an improvement in your body posture.

Andorra Massage chair

It is new in the market and bound to surprise you with its impressive features. It has the same features as the Victoria II and the Focus II regarding the curved rail. In addition to the 3D technology, it has a heating system which makes it perfect to use during the winter. It removes the feeling of cold, which helps facilitate the relaxation of the muscles. The air cushions now warmed up will massage your neck, arms, foot and legs to give you an unforgettable experience. The massage chair will massage the pressure points once you activate the compression function. The massage chair is designed for small spaces making it possible to squeeze it into your home or office.

When you are ready to take relaxation to the next level, go to Komoder and choose the most reliable massage chairs in the market. We will match you with the massage chair that suits your budget and your massage needs, so just arrange a visit and find what matches your preferences.


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