From Relationships to Health: 10 Ways Substance Abuse Will Affect Your Life

Every person has their reason for becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol. It may be they were bored and decided to try something new or they were in pain and drugs made them feel better. They got a short break from their feelings. However, substance abuse has far-reaching consequences they may not be aware of.


An addict changes their lifestyle to accommodate their substance abuse. They end up becoming isolated from others as they work to get and use the drugs. They often conceal this use and avoid family and friends to do so. They must be around others to overcome this isolation, and a substance abuse treatment facility can help with that.


When a person uses drugs, their senses dull. They will not be able to grow and learn from their mistakes thanks to the drug use. During substance abuse recovery, a person has this time to grow and develop emotionally.

Damaged Relationships

All relationships have their ups and downs. However, drug use often makes existing problems worse. Fights may happen more frequently, and the addict is less empathetic. They harm those they love by their words and actions, and these wounds can be difficult to heal. It is possible, but only if the addict seeks help.

Financial Distress

Drugs and alcohol aren’t cheap. A substance abuser may find they have financial difficulties as a result of their drug. They cannot fulfill financial obligations, which may also lead to relationship problems and other challenges in life.

Health Issues

Drugs and alcohol negatively affect the body in countless ways. Alcohol harms the stomach and liver while stimulant use can lead to a stroke or permanent heart damage. Opioids damage white matter in the brain. A healthy diet and exercise aren’t enough to overcome these effects.

Depression and Anxiety

Substance users often struggle with depression and anxiety. Drugs and alcohol can trigger depression and anxiety or a person may develop one of these conditions when withdrawing from a drug. Life choices associated with drug use may also bring on depression and anxiety.

Existing Mental Health Conditions

Drug use may trigger an existing mental health condition. This condition might remain hidden in the background until the person uses drugs. For those with a diagnosed condition, drug use may make it worse.

Legal Problems

Many drug users have a criminal record. They pay the price of their actions for a lifetime, even if they achieve a complete recovery. However, they can still keep pushing forward and have a better life. A person should never give up hope.

Lost Dreams

Drug users often give up on their dreams. They are too worried about getting the drug rather than focusing on other things. As a result, their dreams never come true. Reaching out for substance abuse help can get these dreams back on track.


A person who abuses drugs or alcohol faces death. It only takes one time for their life to be gone. It could be a bad batch of drugs or they get behind the wheel while intoxicated and have a fatal crash. Unnecessary risks come with using drugs or alcohol.

A person doesn’t have to remain addicted to drugs or alcohol. Help is available. Millions of people walk the road to recovery every day. You can do it too, but the first step is to ask for help.


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