Buying A New Car: 4 Styles To Consider To Get A Stylish Motor You Love

When you are looking for a new car, you are looking for more than a vehicle, you want a car that shows off some style. Every road is a catwalk, and an opportunity to strut your stuff through the streets. If you are thinking of buying a new vehicle, you need to check out these stylish options to get a motor that adds a little style to your life as well as practicality.

Classic Cars Are The Ultimate Style Statement

The most stylish cars on the roads are classic. Modern styles all look the same. Take a quick read of any car magazine or blog, and you will find drivers lamenting the loss of daring design choices. Contemporary cars all seem to look the same. The headlights can grills seem to be the only difference. Otherwise, they all follow the same design language as if they were drawn with the same pen. For something that stands out from the crowd, choose a classic car.

There are a lot of advantages to driving a classic too. Any car on the British roads that are over 40 years old is exempt from road tax. If you are looking at a classic today, anything from the early 80s or older does not need to be taxed. This is a welcome saving for many motorists. Classic cars can be cheaper to insure too. Take a look at classic car insurance with Lancaster Insurance Services to get a quote today, and you may be surprised at the savings. Lancaster has been providing classic car insurance for over 35 years and can help you get a modern insurance policy on a stylish classic.

Small Is Beautiful

City cars and superminis should not be overlooked, despite their diminutive size. These cars are incredibly practical and stylish. Small truly is beautiful. There are some great modern examples and some older small city cars that look great on the road. For a daily runabout, a small car is perfect. They are easy to park, easy to drive, and economical to run as well as stylish. There is a massive range of cars to choose from too, from chic French superminis to Japanese city cars, you can find a small car to suit your style.

This size of car offers a lot of value too. Pound for pound, these vehicles punch above their weight. For only a small investment you can get behind the wheel of a car that is stylish, spacious, and versatile. They may be small, but they have lots of big features and plenty of space. They can satisfy most of your daily demands, including doing a big shop at the supermarket. Look for a hot hatch if you want some power to match the style. There are some great, speedy superminis on the market that are perfect for nipping around town with punchy and powerful engines that fit a lot of fun into their small frames.

Sports Utility Vehicle Style

For style, size, and practicality, it is hard to find a more suitable vehicle than an SUV. These tick all those boxes and then some, and are extremely versatile. Flatten the seats, and you have a small van that you can use to move home or for one of those trips to Ikea that gets out of hand. You can carry a flat-pack wardrobe in style with an SUV. Many have handy features like a four-wheel drive that let you go off the beaten track and explore the world around you too, making them perfect for a spontaneous day trip.

You get a lot of luxury with an SUV too. Style does not stop at the exterior of a vehicle. Inside a sports utility vehicle, there is usually a plush interior with superior seating and lots of modern conveniences. These cars were often designed with executives and their families in mind, meaning even the base models come well-equipped. Making an SUV your next car will get you a stylish and practical vehicle with a whole host of practical features that back up the style with functionality and luxury. They are a great choice for growing families who need the space for everyone’s bits and pieces but do not want to compromise on looks.

Lords And Ladies Of The Estate

One of the most stylish looks you can take to the roads is an estate car. These are a classier alternative to a sports utility vehicle that still offers you space and luxury. They make great family cars with plenty of room inside, but they don’t take up the same space or have the same fuel consumption as their bigger brothers, the SUVs. Estate cars are great on a road trip. The extended cabin space makes them airier for long journeys and gives you plenty of places to store kid’s toys and snacks close at hand. Stylish practicality sums up estate cars well.

The Germans do estate cars best. The executive stylings of Mercedes-Benz and BMWs are tough to compete with. The French and Japanese do small cars well, but struggle to make a saloon or estate stylish. If you want something British, look for a Jaguar. For the best of both worlds look for an estate car with a performance engine. They handle better and give you some extra power to play with on the motorway and B-roads. You will be surprised at how quickly they can move when you want to get somewhere quickly. With style, power, and practicality, why look for anything else? Choose an estate car, and you will not be disappointed.

Do not settle for one of the boring boxes with wheels that pollute our roads with their drab and dour looks. Buy some style with your motor by considering one of these excellent options. Whether you need a family car for the school run or an executive motor to get you to work, this list has you covered. You can get value and style from the types of cars on this list. Cast your net far and wide to find your stylish motor, and bring some style to the roads when you drive.


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