Jord Wood Watch Review

Jord is the Swedish for earth, soil, land, a name chosen for their beautiful watches that are ‘sustainable, efficient, simple, and influenced by experiential living’.  The designs of the watches take inspiration and appreciation from both the natural elements as well as modern design. As you can see, the main feature in these watches is their material choice, wood. Each of their watches is different because of this so every watch is unique.

Jord Wood WatchThe Jord wood watch team is a collective of artists, designers and watchsmiths so not only do they look beautiful they also well designed and thought out. The watch I am sharing with you today is their Fieldcrest Series in Natural Green. The watch is so beautiful but is also unisex so I will have to watch out that Jon doesn’t steal it!

Jord Wood WatchThe watch is only $120 which I think is an incredible price for such a good watch, under £80 for a laser cut wood watch?! The Fieldcrest Series has a classic midsize face so it fits comfortably on the wrist. I love being able to see the grain of the wood, it is such a unique piece. The clasp is a two part deployment buckle with push button and the watch feels incredibly strong, well made and good quality.

Jord Wood WatchI was a little wary whether I would like the natural green colour but now it is here I think it is beautiful with unique shades and grains running through it. If you are thinking of getting a Jord wood watch you can find them here. Be aware these watches are splash proof but not intended for complete submergence in water.

Jord Wood Watch

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  1. Allie Cleve
    2015/07/24 / 19:34

    That watch is gorgeous! I have a big michael kors watch that I love and wear every day but this is so unique! I feel like everyone has the same watch now but this one is so cool, can’t believe that price as well.

  2. 2015/07/24 / 21:21

    This is such a unique watch! I’ve never seen one made from wood before. The price isn’t bad either – if I didn’t know I’d think it was way more expensive!


  3. Soph Cullen
    2015/07/25 / 08:04

    How beautiful is this watch?! I don’t think I’ve ever worn one, but this however would be on my wrist in a shot! It’s so nice!

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