Demeter Fragrance Library – Singular Scents

DemeterDemeter Fragrance Library

I am no perfume expert and understanding top, middle and bottom notes can be confusing and choosing the right perfume for you can be really hard. I’ve been really excited about discovered the Demeter Fragrance Library as they produce single note and single experience fragrances. Their scents are simple, subtle singular scents that are designed to be layered and mixed.


The Demeter Fragrance Library is pretty large and they continue to add new and unique scents. The bottles are minimal, simple and elegant, their labelling very plain with a simple pop of unique colour highlighting the name of the scent. Demeter fragrance library create “scents that are drawn from memories – inspired by real life everyday objects and experiences”. The scents I am really keen to try are Gin and Tonic, Wet Garden, Rain, Sunshine, Vanilla Ice cream, Apple Pie, Gingerbread and Clean Skin.


I have the scents Magnolia, Oud and Dust…strange names for perfume!? Together or separate they give really interesting results. Magnolia is quite a seductive floral scent, a little musky and subtle. It begins very strong but settles into a sweet, romantic tone. Oud  has a sweet scent for a woody fragrance. It is a natural, full bodied, unisex scent. Dust (the most bizarre perfume scent?) gives an old quality and a feeling of nostalgia, giving you a walk down memory lane. It is a warm, pleasant scent of an attic, antiques shop or old library with hard wood floors and leather-bound books.

On their own some of these scents are lovely but not what I would like to go around smelling of. Layering these three scents creates a gorgeous and completely unique fragrance. It is a complex, rich perfume with the scents coming together and complimenting each other.

Have you tried any of the Demeter fragrance library single scents?


Some of their collection has recently gone on sale at Boots which you can find here.

Which would you recommend and which are the best for layering?