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DIY bobby pins holder to stop your Kirby grips going everywhere! Simplest DIY this week :) I wind everyone up, my bobby pins are all over the place, breaking hoovers and needing to be found somewhere in the bottom of my bag. The simplest storage I have found for them is to use an empty Tictac box. Wash off the label, glue in the lid so it doesn’t pop off and decorate how you like. My ribbon and bow are glued on so it doesn’t just fall off. I can then throw the box in my bag and know where they are!

DIY bobby pins holderSide view DIY bobby pins holder



  1. floral feather
    2014/01/27 / 20:41

    Simple but effective! Love it :)

  2. Guest
    2014/01/27 / 20:58

    What a great idea!! Love this :D!

    Plus an excuse to eat some yummy tic tacos >.<



  3. Sian Marie
    2014/01/27 / 20:59

    What a great idea! Love this!

    Plus an excuse to eat some yummy tic tacs!



  4. Sammi Sunshine
    2014/01/27 / 20:59

    This is one of those things where you say “Why didn’t I think of that?!”. Love this!

  5. 2014/01/28 / 02:12

    Great idea! I wash out old Altoids cases (do they even make these anymore?) or use $1 containers from the dollar store.

  6. 2014/01/28 / 07:50

    Such a cute idea! Need to buy some tictacs now:)


  7. Jessie
    2014/01/28 / 10:17

    What a great idea. I have this little clear bag for them now but this would make a cuter and simpler storage solution though.

  8. Lara
    2014/01/28 / 16:01

    Genius, why didn’t I think of this?! Doing this straight away when I get home

  9. 2014/01/28 / 17:04

    Such a simple but effective thing! Thanks for sharing!

  10. 2014/01/30 / 18:25

    Oh my goodness, what an excellent idea! I am ALWAYS looking for bobby pins, I lose them so easily. This is going to come in so handy! :D

    • 2014/02/01 / 01:20

      Glad you like it, think I’ll stop having to buy bobby pins every month now from loosing them! x

  11. lauren
    2014/01/30 / 21:40

    I am constantly losing my bobby pins, this is such a great idea!!x

    Lauren Evie

  12. Evelien
    2014/02/10 / 11:28

    This is such a great idea! Now I have to go out and buy me some tic tacs ,haha!

  13. Charlotte
    2014/02/20 / 20:52

    One word needed for this: genius!

  14. Mari Corona
    2014/02/21 / 00:35

    Great idea! :)

  15. Rachelle
    2014/02/24 / 12:58

    This is such an amazing idea♡♡♡ty so much..mine r always getting lost just like socks in the! Just found your blog this morning as I had a msg u were following me so your blog already & am following u:0)

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