Essence Cosmetics UK – Beauty Blogger Events 2014

Essence  Cosmetics UK

I recently attended the Beauty Bloggers Event for the Essence Cosmetics UK launch. If you want to read about other events I have attended you can find them here. Essence wasn’t a brand I had tried before but it is very popular across Europe so I recognised some of the products. As soon as you see the Essence cosmetics UK stand you immediately think of colour. There were so many colours and it’s a really fun brand, great for nail polish shades.

Essence Cosmetics UKEssence Cosmetics UK

At the Beauty Blogger Event there were tables with different products for us to try out and sample and then we leant a little bit about the brand. Essence Cosmetics UK launch means that you can now find this brand in Wilkos (although online I cannot find them anywhere other than Ebay). The company produce 95% of their stock here in Europe and deson’t use animal testing.

Essence are bright, colourful and stay on trend with new products changing yearly, but maybe the most surprising aspect of Essence is the cost. Until being told I would never have guessed that Essence was a budget brand, their quality is fantastic and rivals other high street cosmetics but at a much lower cost. Their items range from 99p to £3.99!

Essence Cosmetics UKEssence Cosmetics UK

There were also nail artists (pamper puff girls) who did our nails with the Essence polishes, you can see from the pictures our vast colour range of choice. They also have an amazing range of nail art tools, nail polish effects, stickers, transfers, magnetic top coat nail polishes and accessories, home gel nails and cuticle oils. I chose mint green nails, a very popular shade at the Beauty Bloggers event, with a party sprinkles type polish gradient on one nail.

Essence Cosmetics UKEssence Cosmetics UK

Excluding their huge nail varnish options Essence stock an incredible range of products, nail supplies, brushes and other tools. They have foundations in both liquid and mousse, bb cream, bronzer, blushes, concealers and different ranges of powders and fixing powders. There were eyebrow pencils and powders, liquid, gel and pencil eyeliners and a wide range of mascaras. There were so many shades of lipstick, lipgloss, lip balm, eyeshadow sets, false eyelashes and nails. The only product I didn’t actually see out that I could think of was a primer!

Essence Cosmetics UK

Essence were very generous and let us take lots of samples from their Essence cosmetics UK stand. I took advantage of this and have so many Essence products to try out, review and share with you all (I now have no excuse for a lack of any nail art posts!). For the price vs. quality this is my new favourite brand and I will definitely keep my eyes peeled when I’m near a Wilkos.

Essence Cosmetics UK

Are you happy about the Essence Cosmetics UK Launch?


  1. Jemma
    2014/06/23 / 17:02

    I’ve seen a couple of these launches now it looks like a great event.

    You can tell that essence is a colourful brand just by these pictures.

    I can’t wait for it to come near me


  2. Michelle Glassow Schroll
    2014/06/23 / 17:10

    Looks like a lovely event. I wish they did more events like this in Denmark :)

  3. Larissa Gommers
    2014/06/23 / 17:29

    I would def recommend checking out their limited edition launches! Love this brand

  4. Nat
    2014/06/23 / 18:14

    Aww Essence are finally coming out in the UK? WICKED STUFF! I’ve always heard nothing but good things but never had the chance to try them out. Can’t wait to check out their stuff. :D

  5. Mikayla
    2014/06/23 / 18:27

    Essence has been available in Canada for a while, I love their brand, decent quality for a reasonable price. I love their mascaras!


  6. mysteries1984
    2014/06/23 / 19:49

    We’ve had Essence here in Ireland for years, and it’s amazing! The nail polishes in particular are fantastic. Some of the eyeshadows are a little hit and miss but overall they’re great, and I love their gel eyeliner.

  7. Laura Palmer
    2014/06/23 / 19:58

    We’ve had Essence in Croatia for a long long time, and it’s definitely recommend their nail polishes and lipglosses!(some concealers too!) xo

  8. Chelsea
    2014/06/23 / 20:26

    This looked like a fun event! I wondered if they host any events in America.
    Great photos!


  9. 2014/06/23 / 22:16

    Could you tell me how you find out about these and similar events pls

  10. Jade
    2014/06/23 / 22:27

    arrr I really wish I’d have known about this event, will definitely be keeping an eye out for this reaching stores!

    Jade x

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  11. Mariah
    2014/06/24 / 01:54

    Awesome! I’ve tried out their I <3 extreme volume mascara and love it for what it does. Unfortunately, it's extremely not waterproof. Oh well. I really volumizes though. I can't wait to see your reviews!

  12. 2014/06/24 / 06:35

    I love essence, its the most inexpensive and amazing make up ever! They sell it here in Canada and my favourite products are the eyebrow pencil, the eyebrow gel and their lip glosses!

  13. Phoebe Cate
    2014/06/24 / 06:48

    Would love to try this brand out if I were still in England! I’m excited to see your reviews of the products, though :)

    x, Phoebe-Cate //

  14. nueyork
    2014/06/24 / 06:57

    Everything I have tried from essence I’ve been so happily surprised with! I cannot live without my eyebrow kit and brow gel from them.

  15. 2014/06/25 / 22:36

    What a great event and that they have now moved over to the UK their nail varnishes are lovely. You look like you were well pampered and cattered for Lucy x

  16. Andrea Thompson
    2014/06/26 / 22:35

    This was such a great launch. Can’t believe you caught a photo of me getting my nails done – lol (first manicure photo). I had a great day. Have yet to put the review up on my blog though xxx

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