Essential Rules to Maintain Your Skin On-The-Go

Essential Rules to Maintain Your Skin On-The-Go 3

When on a business trip or a vacation, your skincare routine is probably the last thing on your mind. But, if you usually spend plenty of time and money to nurture your skin, you don’t want one trip to ruin all your hard work. Don’t risk it all and come back home with a breakout, flare-up or covered in sunburns. 

So finding time to keep your skincare routine intact while on-the-go is super important, even though not easy. Luckily, you will get a few tried-out tips and tricks that will keep your skin healthy no matter where you are. 

Stay true to your routine

In the ideal world, you would keep your skincare routine completely unchanged while traveling. And if you’re trying to manage any skin conditions on the road, you should pay special attention to staying as consistent as possible. If your routine is providing you with results, why risk anything and make changes? The easiest way to maintain your existing skincare routine is to invest in travel-sized versions of your products. If you can’t find any, grab small empty containers and transfer some of the product to bring with you. 

Focus on essentials if you travel light

If you prefer to feel free and light as a bird when traveling, pack only the essentials. These usually include sunscreen (at least SPF 30), makeup wipes, cleanser and moisturizer. If you really need to reduce your luggage, you can survive without toner and serums. But, if there are any medications that you need to apply to your skin regularly, make sure to pack those (and a little bit extra just in case). You don’t want to travel with a flare-up and ruin all your Instagram photos! 

Avoid hotel soaps

It’s very easy to rely on hotel hygiene products, but at least try to avoid using hotel soaps as cleansers. Hotel products are the cheapest on the market, which usually means they are very drying. If you’re prone to allergic reactions or if you have dry skin, don’t try anything new while you’re traveling, but stick to quality products. You can hop over to this website and find serums, toners, masks, balms and creams specially created for dry skin. If you try these products out before your trip, you’ll have some faithful companions that will keep your skin healthy wherever you go. 

Prepare for dry plane rides

It’s a well-known fact that cabin air in planes is very dry, which can dehydrate your skin fast. So if you’re preparing for a long plane ride, make sure to apply some thick facial moisturizer before boarding to ensure proper hydration and protection. Hydrating sheet masks, under-eye masks and facial mists are also helpful and refreshing during flights. 

Where you’re flying also plays a role in your skincare. For instance, experts recommend you increase your moisturizer when flying somewhere dry (traveling in winter for a ski trip) and decrease it if you’re traveling somewhere hot and humid. 

Pay special attention to lips and eyes

Jet lag can be the biggest con of traveling, so make sure to have your favorite under-eye products with you. And don’t neglect your lips which can become very chapped and irritated when on the road. Something gentle that can be used on lips but also anywhere else on the face is your best choice. 

Stock up on sunscreen 

When traveling, most of us want to come back with a nice tan we can show off. While being in the sun is good for health, too much of it can seriously damage your skin. So wherever you go, make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen and apply it every hour (more often if you’re bathing or sweating a lot). You will probably still tan more than enough, but you won’t risk sunburns and other forms of skin damage due to harsh sun rays. 

Don’t let work or partying keep you away from good skincare while you’re on the road. Hopefully, you see that maintaining skin health is more than possible while on-the-go, so pack well and give your skin a stress-free vacation. 


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