The latest vintage bridesmaid looks

Even though it is the bride who gets all the attention on the wedding day, bridesmaids must look as stunning as the bride. So, along with the task of deciding a stunning look for the bride, selecting a perfect outfit for the bridesmaids is equally important. 

Bridesmaids need to harmonize their look with the bride and wear stylish and gorgeous outfits that are comfortable enough to handle the work as well as uphold the style. Such a big hassle, right? 

With the ever-changing fashion trends, new styles and outfit ideas are all over the place and choosing one becomes difficult. The versatility and variety of bridesmaid dresses in the market are laudable. 

The latest vintage bridesmaid looks 3

The vintage bridesmaid look is what every bridesmaid today wants to adorn. Many fashion trends that we see today have unfolded or inspired from the vintage era.
If you are looking for a new look for your sister’s or a close friend’s wedding, a vintage bridesmaid dress would undoubtedly mesmerize everyone. Also, make sure that you accessorize it suitably, have a perfect hairstyle and carry yourself gracefully.

Here are some gorgeous and glamorous vintage bridesmaid look ideas that would surely make you look elegant and classy on that special day. 

  • Evergreen Polka dresses: Chiffon polka dot tea dresses never grow outdated, isn’t it? Moreover, Chiffon gives ultimate comfort and is easily manageable. A gorgeous dress when paired with a beaded or a pearl necklace will accentuate your look. You may choose a vibrant red or a blue colour that would accentuate the look. Also, you can decide on a classy hairstyle like the Marilyn Monroe curls and you are all set to rock the day!
  • Chiffon swing dress: Next on our list is the chiffon swing dress. The comfort and light weight of chiffon is unbeatable, and you would be able to enjoy the day without being extra conscious about your dress. A swing dress, solid colour or floral printed, gives a vibrant, fresh, and young appearance and would surely look remarkable. Add on a hoop earring and go for a simple and straight hairstyle highlighted with a bow or go for some curls to complete the look.
  • Flattering wiggle dress: What about a Betty Polka dot wiggle dress with a wingtip collar? The most popular and charming vintage style that would instantly make you look bold and attractive is the Betty polka dot wiggle dress. It is not only easy to carry but also looks gorgeous as it fits well. Don’t miss out on wearing a choker to stun everyone on the wedding day.
  • Elegant Lacy dresses: Another option for a top-notch bridesmaid look that never goes out of trend are lacy dresses. Lacy dresses look stunning on both the bride and the bridesmaids. You can go for a midi dress or a full-length column dress with colourful laces that would definitely make you look and feel special. Laces are stylish and go perfectly with all types of dresses. Pay attention to the styling details for that unique bridesmaid look. You can also select a vintage dress and adorn it with laces to add to the look. You can also go for an off-shoulder or sleeveless dress for that bold and stunning look. Wear a simple beaded necklace and go for a messy bun or an updo
  • Fabulous Floral Dresses: Who doesn’t like colourful floral dresses? Especially, in summer and spring weddings, floral dresses look absolutely beautiful and graceful. For a decent and elegant look, you may select an English rose floral halter neck dress pairing it with Monroe hoop earrings. Go for a pinned curl hairdo or a hair updo.
    You may choose any other floral dress that you like. You may find a lot of patterns and designs that would signify the look. However, select the fabric that gives you comfort and ease. 

So, these are a few popular vintage bridesmaids looks that you can pick up from and create a standout bridesmaid look that will win you loads of compliments. All the options are super trendy and stylish that would make you look gorgeous and charming. 

However, before choosing your bridesmaid’s dress, consider these factors.

  • Make sure to select the fabric that gives you comfort and ease.
  • Choose a manageable dress as a bridesmaid needs to be highly active on the wedding day. 
  • Make sure that the dress fits you well.
  • Select accessories that would highlight the look, but don’t overdo. Keep it simple. 
  • The hairstyle must go with the dress. 

Which option do you like the most? Select your bridesmaid look today and rock on the wedding day!


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