Flamingo Candles Review

Flamingo Candles Review

Flamingo Candles Review

Hi, my name’s Mary and I’m and candle addict. Now that I have finally come out about that I feel much better! Can’t believe I haven’t ever done a review on a candle until now! A few weeks ago I was offered the chance to review one of the more unique candles I had seen for a while I jumped at the chance. When they sent out the first one it sadly got lost en route, damn you royal mail! (side note, anyone else loosing more post lately?). Also before I begin, remember to check out my fathers day wish list post as this weekend will be your last chance to order before it.

Anyways second time around it made it to me safely! I was super excited that I would finally get a chance to write my flamingo candle review. The candle that I was sent was the Pomegranate & White Fig Classic Jar Candle. So what makes these candles so unique? Well they are one of the only candles that ship in a square jar, they also have this really cute white detail flamingo on the front of the jar. The candles itself are made from soybeans and have a natural cotton wick, meaning that they are 100% non toxic. Also the use of soybeans gives it a burn time of over 50 hours! Considering the size its really good amount of burn time! When you do burn it the fragrance of the candle fills the whole room with great smell of what to me smells of fresh fruit & blackcurrant.

Think I’ll be ordering a lot more flamingo candles as I’ve not had a candle that is able to burn for as long as it does while smelling fantastic. Have any of you ever use or had a flamingo candle before? I know my friends & family might be getting a lot of these as gifts in the not so near future. I would recommend these candles to anyone as they are really great value and look so pretty. Please remember to share & tweet to anyone that you think might like this post!

Pomegranate & White Fig Classic Jar Candle*

Flamingo Candles Review


  1. Emilybelleblogs
    2014/06/07 / 11:30

    Oooh!! This is such an interesting post as I have been thinking about trying a Flamingo candle for a while but haven’t seen many reviews around. Thank you xx
    http://www.emilybelleblogs.blogspot.com xx

  2. 2014/06/07 / 16:14

    I love candles! 50 hours is incredible burn time. I love the sound of pomegranate and fig as a fragrance too. Cute design also.

  3. John Hartil
    2014/06/07 / 17:28

    Does look rather good

  4. Ysabel Vitangcol
    2014/06/08 / 10:02

    I love candles too! The burning fragrances.. aghhh. <3 This one looks as delightful as its playful pink colour! Thanks for sharing!

    Ysabel of Pleasantly Chic

  5. 2014/06/09 / 08:27

    I love Candles!!
    Its an obsession but I haven’t heard of this brand I wouldn’t mind giving it a go!
    xo Holly xo


  6. Olivia Roach
    2014/06/19 / 22:32

    I <3 candles! I am very much a person who enjoys certain fragrances, so when someone said I would probably like burning a scented candle, I was like, sure why not? I have been in lurve ever since and continually looking for more to try out. You make these sound so appealing! Definitely something to be put on the candle list :D (Yeah, I do have one of those xD)


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