Compact Magnifying Mirror Competition – Pebble Grey LED

Pebble Grey LED compact magnifying mirror Compact Magnifying Mirror

I was recently sent this Pebble Grey LED compact magnifying mirror to both review and host a giveaway for a lucky reader! It’s makes a fantastic gift for any lady but if you are stuck looking for some father day gift inspiration check out my previous post here.

I love my illuminated side lit mirrors at home but until being shown the Pebble Grey LED compact magnifying mirror I hadn’t thought about such a helpful gadget! The mirror is usually £25 but currently has 20% off.  It is so handy having a compact magnifying mirror with a light, especially for nights out or applying make up on the go. The packaging it comes in is really beautiful, sleek and high quality, perfect for a gift.

Pebble Grey LED compact magnifying mirrorPebble Grey LED compact magnifying mirrorThe mirror is double sided and has a 2x magnifying mirror. The mirror has 6 white LED lights around the outside of the upper mirror which are a little dazzling and bright but make it perfect light for using the lower mirror. The Pebble Grey LED compact magnifying mirror has a really nice matt grey finish with ornate black swirls decorating the back and is very light weight. For me it is a little bit too plastic for the price tag, but then it does keep it very light weight and the material used doesn’t seem to get damaged or scratched in my handbag. It is a perfect travel size, it isn’t too big and can easily be taken in a handbag as it is pocket sized.

Pebble Grey LED compact magnifying mirror

Unfortunately this give away is only open for UK residents, sorry. You have two weeks to enter so good luck :)

Pebble Grey LED compact magnifying mirror Competition

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Do you know of any other beauty gadgets worth talking about?

Pebble Grey LED compact magnifying mirror*



  1. Mariah
    2014/06/08 / 15:24

    I wish I could enter! Sadly, I’m in the US. It looks like a great compact mirror. I recently broke mine :/

  2. Tracy K Nixon
    2014/06/08 / 16:38

    My sister bought a Zeno Line Rewind and swears it is making a difference. It is an anti aging device of some sort and might look it up!

  3. Leanne Lunn
    2014/06/08 / 22:38

    My scholl pedi velvet I love it there is a noticeable difference in my feet since I started using it.

  4. Kelly law
    2014/06/08 / 23:36

    I love my eyelash curlers :)

  5. Jayne Townson
    2014/06/09 / 19:38

    This sounds great. The only magic beauty gadget I have are my hair straighteners.

  6. Sharon
    2014/06/11 / 11:04

    Sounds like a must have in my hand bag! The beauty gadget I know of is a small bottle of perfume which you can fill directly form the original perfume bottle and carry everywhere :)

  7. Jackie Allum
    2014/06/20 / 11:43

    A small set of brushes and battery operated eyelash curlers are a must.

  8. Katie Skeoch
    2014/06/21 / 21:04

    artistry lip gloss has a fun build in light too

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