Have A Good Day, Every Day

Picture the scene: you’re getting up, ready to have a fantastic day, regardless of how stressful your work can be or how tired you feel. Think it’s unachievable? Don’t you believe in a good day? Of course, you say, good days happen, but they are rare. In fact, you probably can’t remember when was the last time you had one of those. You may not be in a position to complain, but still, you can’t help but hope for a really good day without worries or stress. So how would you react if someone were to tell you that you can have a really good day, any day, all the time? Impossible? Think again. Here are seven handy tips to turn any day into a bubble of peace and sweet satisfaction. Don’t just wait for a good day. Create it for yourself now!

Good Day

#1. Plan it

If you want things to go your way, you need to plan for it. Getting your body and your mental ready for a brand new day is the best strategy to make it good. Start your prep the day before, by getting yourself the sleep you need. Carpe diem, as they say, doesn’t start with a poor night’s sleep. If you want to seize the day, you need to be refreshed. A routine at work and in your home can help you to get things done rapidly and to embrace the full potential of the day. Your morning routine at home, for instance, should include a healthy and energising breakfast – working on an empty stomach is never a success. But at work, your routine should compromise between prioritising the most important tasks and taking regular breaks. Proof that you can have a good day, even at the office!

Good Day

#2. No road stress

If you have to commute by car to get to work, you’re probably familiar with the usual road stress: slow drivers, inattentive drivers, dangerous drivers. There is a lot that you need to pay attention to when you’re on the road. Needless to say that it’s not always easy to keep a cool mind. In fact, most people admit that driving is the main reason to arrive already stressed out and irritated at work every day. Therefore a quick reminder of the rules on the road can’t harm: click here for driving tips to help you keep an eye for bad drivers. If you know what the possibles mistakes and risks are, you’re more likely to have the appropriate reactions. Knowing the potential risks means that you can drive peacefully and prepared. No more stress on the road!

Good Day

#3. Dress for the part

Your choice of clothes is significant not only for your work but also for your mood. In fact, Professor Karen J. Pine from the University of Hertfordshire is convinced that the body and the mind adopt some of the characteristics of the clothes you wear. If you wear casual clothes, you can feel relaxed and tomboyish. But if you choose to dress up for a special occasion, you will naturally alter the way you hold yourself and the way you walk. Picking clothes that make you feel confident can already change the way you approach the day. Want to feel like a queen at the office? Drop the trouser suit and choose a fitted dress instead.

Good Day

#4. Learn the art of not giving a monkey

You are the main person responsible for your unhappiness. The more you care about what people think about you, the more it’ll torture you and impact negatively on your mood. In other words, you need to learn to stop caring. Not caring starts with a simple realisation: everyone judges everyone, including you. Don’t let this disturb you. What if some people don’t like you? Well, that’s their loss, not yours. Accept that you can’t please everyone and that it doesn’t matter what is said about you.

#5. Pick the right people

How you interact with people can impact on your day. So it’s best to surround yourself with positive people. While you can’t always choose your colleagues, you can certainly pick your friends and same-minded individuals. Positivity is contagious, so the more time you spend with people who think positively, the better you’ll feel about life and yourself. Spending time with people who make you laugh is a fantastic way to bond with others. Humour helps people to relax and connect with each other. Also, there’s a bonus: you don’t need to find coping strategies. Being with people you like and you can trust makes life a lot easier!

Good Day

#6. Eat healthy food

Thinking a sandwich for lunch? Forget it and get some fruits and vegetables instead. Why so? Because an Australian research has demonstrated that eating more fruits and vegetables makes you feel happy. The link is not clear yet, but people who eat natural, healthy food experience a higher life satisfaction than others. In other words, grab a salad for lunch and eat an apple as a snack. Not only will your body be thankful, but your mind will love the change too!

#7. Find your passion

It doesn’t matter in the end how satisfying your work is. If you haven’t figured out your passion in life, there’s no way you can have a good day. Your passion provides guidance and a sense of balance. Whether you decide to embrace your passion as a career or to keep it as a hobby is up to you. But being passionate about something is the key to fill your day with joy. Admittedly, finding out your passion can take some time and thinking, But it all starts with one question: What do I want to create in my world?

Good Day

So what does your good day look like? Put all your chances on one side: focus on the right prep, work your way out of road stress, pick clothes and people that make you feel good, learn to care less about people’s opinions, eat your greens and embrace your passion. Your good day is right there, waiting for you. Make it happen.

Good Day



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