How to get wavy hair – Rag Roll Hair Video

How to get wavy hair

Here is my rag rolling DIY heat free curls step by step guide showing how this really simple and easy technique can create gorgeous waves and curls. I’ve had my hair rag rolled to create natural looking curls ever since I was a little girl, and if any of you loved the movie ‘A Little Princess’ like I did growing up I’m sure you will have tried this technique. My hair is so thick, long and heavy I often have issues curling my hair, as you will have seen in my recent Nicky Clarke Frizz Control Volume Rollers Review, but this method has always worked amazingly and is very cheap/free to do.

How to get wavy hair

This technique is great for long hair but can create spring type curls on shorter hair. For long hair it creates really nice, loose but long lasting, curls and waves without the uniformity of using a curling wand. The curls for me can last a couple of days, rather than a couple of hours as with heat products, and my hair doesn’t suffer any heat damage.

Curling your hair this way is best done with damp, very nearly dry, hair and I always do it before bed and remove the rags the next morning. I used simple strips of fabric for my rag rolling technique but I have had socks suggested to me which sounds interesting for creating larger barrelled curls. Using a curling wand or straighteners to create curls and waves in my hair can take such a long time on hair as thick as mine where as rag rolling my hair takes me under 10 minutes.

Rag rolling is a really quick and simple technique for overnight curls so here is a very short explainer video showing how I rag roll my hair. I really hope that you like my video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you are new to my channel.

How to get wavy hair – Rag Roll Hair Video

How to get wavy hair – What’s your favourite technique for curling your hair?


  1. Chelsea
    2014/07/29 / 09:53

    Those curls look stunning!! So pretty! :)

  2. 2014/07/30 / 06:33

    This is so creative! I will have to try this! My hair is like yours, long and thick, naturally curly but the top half of my hair doesn’t hold the curl.. cannot wait to test this!


  3. Jessica Whittingham
    2014/07/30 / 12:08

    Definitely need a go at this!

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