The Scrunchy Return – Summer Scrunchy Wish List

The scrunchy was a massive fashion accessory for me growing up in the 90’s which quickly became a bit of a taboo and a fashion fail. It was a fairly repetitive issue in Sex and the City, with Carrie Bradshaw declaring, ‘No self respecting New York City woman would be caught dead running around Manhattan in a scrunchy.’ This summer has seen its come back making it one of the hottest trends this season. You can find my previous wish lists here.

Shops and designers have created a vast range of beautiful, simple or unique scrunchy designs, I especially love the introduction of the bunny scrunchy which gives a feminine bow look to your hair. Scrunchies give a cute, modern look and can be styled up in a number of ways, whilst being less damaging to your hair that regular bobbles. Some of the shops that have some awesome scrunchies in at the moment are Topshop, Urban Outfitters, River Island and for their bargain prices, Forever 21. Here are some of my favourite scrunchies at the moment…

Scrunchy Summer Scrunchies Wish List 1 –

Miss Selfridge Cream hair scrunchie
Dorothy Perkins Womens Peach Large Scrunchie- Pink
River Island Red cherry print scrunchie
Topshop Patterned Sequin Hair Scrunchie
Topshop Polka Dot Bunny Scruchie
Topshop Yellow Hair Scrunchie
Hic & Nunc Séquoia
Topshop Border Ditsy Scrunchie
Forever 21 F21 Tartan Plaid Bow Scrunchie
Topshop Floral Hair Scrunchie Pack


Summer Scrunchies Wish List 2 –

Miss Selfridge Bright pink pattern scrunchie
Urban Outfitters Denim Scrunchie 3 Pack
Forever 21 F21 Dainty Floral Scrunchie
Forever 21 F21 Floral Crochet Scrunchie Set
Marc by Marc Jacobs Jungle-Print Chou Chou Scrunchie
Topshop Watermelon Scrunchie
Urban Outfitters Vintage Renewal Scrunchies in Green
New Look Blue Denim Polka Dot Oversized Scrunchie
Marc by Marc Jacobs Chou Chou Jumble logo scrunchie
River Island Black stripe bow scrunchie
River Island Red polka dot bunny ear scrunchie

Are you a fan of the scrunchy this summer?


  1. 2014/07/30 / 08:02

    I really can’t get over the 90s revival at the moment! I was strolling through Sunderland last night and all the clubs seemed to be playing 90s dance! I spent my whole 20s waiting for the 90s revival and now it’s finally here I’m not sure I like it cos it makes me feel old :s There’s something very odd about seeing clothes in shops that you used to wear in your younger days and swore you’d never be seen in ever again! I’ve embraced some of the 90s revival, I’m not sure I can bring myself to try out a scrunchie again but we’ll see :D
    Chloe x

  2. 2014/07/30 / 16:16

    I love the return of the scrunchy! I think they can instantly make any hairdo instantly cuter :)

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