Playboy Lipstick Review – Perfect Kiss Intense Lipstick


Playboy Lipstick Review

I was recently sent some items to review from … Playboy. I have to say that when I was offered them I was a little apprehensive, I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to review them due to the connotations that come with the Playboy brand. It isn’t a brand I have personally ever gone for but as it turns out the items that were sent was all fantastic and really well made and produced. I’ll be reviewing all the items over the next few weeks but first up is the Playboy Perfect Kiss Lipsticks. If you’re a long time reader of the blog you will know that I adore lipsticks, in the past I have reviewed everything from MUA / MeMeMe / Yves Rocher and many more. So keep reading to find out how these Playboy Lipsticks compare.

Playboy Lipstick Review

The Review

I received two Lipsticks* to try out and give my opinion on. The two colours were “In The Pink” & “Front Cover” …. yeah you have to love the naming options, not sure I would have given the 13 year old boy the chance to name them…

I’m usually swayed with a cute name on an items so this would probably have put me off. Once you get over the names, the products themselves are great. They come in a pink metallic box, that features the playboy logo, to be honest the packaging is quite appealing, it really makes them stand out. The box also features a playboy hologram that gives it quite a high end look. The one thing that isn’t very obvious from the packaging is the colour of the lipsticks as the only place it says the name of the colour is just above the bar code. The lipsticks themselves don’t indicate the shade of lipstick so it is quite easy to get them confused.

Playboy Lipstick Review

What is it like?

The playboy lipsticks are really quite nice when applied, they are sheer and apply more like a lip balm. They have a moisturizing formula in them that makes your lips feel really soft and preventing them from feeling dry. I didn’t find myself topping it up on a regular basis as it was quite long lasting. After a hour or two it was still there with no visible loss to the colour. Out of the two shades that I was given to test I loved both, I felt that the Front Cover really suited me but let me know in the comments below what you think!

Playboy Lipstick Review

Price & Is it Worth It?

So heres the part that will make it or break it. How much are they? When I first received them I was expecting a slightly above the average high street price tag to go along with the Playboy brand. It turns out that the products are incredibly reasonably priced and cheaper than most high street brands. At the time of writing you can get them for about £3.50 on eBay or £4 from Direct Cosmetics. It seems like it’s very hard to get hold of them from any of the more well known high street shops. If they sort the names out I think I would definitely buy them again!

Let me know your thoughts and have any of you girls tried out the Playboy Lipsticks?

Playboy Lipstick Review

Playboy Perfect Kiss Intense Lipstick




Buy it again





  • Well Known Brand
  • High Quality
  • Cheap


  • Stupid name of shades
  • Some might be put off by the brand