Top 8 Newcastle Wedding Photographers

The United Kingdom is a rich, ancient, and very interesting land. It attracts newlyweds from all over the world. There are many reasons for this. It is an old country where many ancient sights, cathedrals, churches, and castles have been preserved. It is a popular thing to rent them for weddings. 

The city of Newcastle upon Tyne, better known as Newcastle, is one of the most pleasant cities in North East England. The city is located on the Tyne River, which divides it into two parts, connected by several bridges. Unlike each other, steel and granite bridges give the city a unique charm. Other sights of the city include the ruins of Garth Castle, from which Newcastle got its name, and the ruins of Hadrian’s Wall. So, you can’t go wrong choosing Newcastle for a love story and wedding photoshoot location. 

A wedding is a short but important moment in a person’s life. And good photographers know how to capture it correctly. So how to find the perfect photographer? Here is the list of the best wedding photographers in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Elliot Nichol

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Elliot Nichol is included in the Top 5 wedding photographers in Newcastle upon Tyne according to MyWed. He is the winner of several professional wedding photography competitions. Elliot Nichol is a member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association. In 2017, he won the Fearless Photographers Award. Also, he is a winner of the Wedisson Award and SLR Lounge Awards. With Elliot Nichol, you will get a collection of your wedding photos and slideshow in 10 days! Elliot Nichol offers bold wedding photography that’s bursting with life, color & creativity. 

Chris Randle

Top 8 Newcastle Wedding Photographers 2

Chris Randle has six years of experience doing wedding photography. He says that he loves to go against the grain of a traditional wedding photographer and loves couples that break traditions. Chris will make you feel comfortable before the camera and capture all the magic of your special day. He does location shooting in other cities and destination weddings abroad.

Erika Tanith

Top 8 Newcastle Wedding Photographers 3

In wedding photo sessions, Erika tries to capture true feelings and fun moments. In her work, she prefers a reportage style, believing that a few staged photos are good but a collection of images of lined up people and weird smiles are not for her. She prefers natural smiles captured when people spend the day with their loved ones. Erika Tanith won several photography awards, and her work has been featured in many blogs and magazines.

Paulo Santos

Top 8 Newcastle Wedding Photographers 4

He captures weddings throughout UK and Europe. He has more than a decade of experience and made wedding photos of more than four hundred couples all over the globe. Paulo Santos is a multi-awarded photographer and the judge of a few awarding committees. In 2016, he was named by New York-based magazine Rangefinder as one of their ’30 Rising Stars′ of wedding photography in the entire world.

David Bousfield

Top 8 Newcastle Wedding Photographers 5

David Bousfield is UK based photographer with a contemporary, artistic and creative style. He also captures happy moments all over Europe and worldwide. He offers Double Exposure Wedding Photography — you can get a wedding image of a couple beautifully combined with a photo of all guests. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Phil Nunez

Top 8 Newcastle Wedding Photographers 6

Phil Nunez is a North Yorkshire-based documentary wedding photographer. He looks for real moments and prefers to shoot in real-time. He is obsessed with light and always finds the most creative angles. He shoots a very limited number of weddings a year, so you should hurry to get him as your photographer. 

Tom Hibberd

Top 8 Newcastle Wedding Photographers 7

Tom Hibberd creates a true, interesting, beautiful story of the most important day in a couple’s life in a documentary style. He makes outstanding landscape images and some of them were published by BBC and ITV. Tom Hibberd has excellent communication skills, blends into the wedding party, and captures the magic of the day.

Nigel Hepplewhite

Top 8 Newcastle Wedding Photographers 8

Nigel Hepplewhite is an International Award-winning photographer. He is UK-based but shoots all over the world. In his work, he combines documentary, contemporary and modern approaches. Nigel Hepplewhite photographs weddings, conducts family photo sessions, does landscapes and pets photography, and creates portraits and commercial images. He loves to shoot weddings and create magical images and memories.


The ideal organization of a wedding celebration is only half the way to true happiness. For the whole atmosphere of the holiday to be preserved for many years, you need to use the services of a professional wedding photographer. But choosing is not so easy. In this list, we selected the best wedding photographers in Newcastle with different approaches and styles. You can find these and other wedding photographers in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne on the website

Look through their portfolios, check out the prices and terms of cooperation and find your perfect wedding photographer. Please note, that you need to book the most popular professional in advance up to a year before the celebration.


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