Korean Face Mask Review

Korean Face Mask

Korean Face Mask Review

Well I know you didn’t think you would be logging on my blog today to see a Freddy Kruger lookalike. But that’s what you have got. I was recently sent  some sheet face masks by my friends over at Wishtrend. I have never used a Korean face mask before, I’m more use to mud style ones but was very much looking forward to giving them a go!

Wishtrend sent over a few different types all from the Onl brand to try out. Each sheet face masks have different effects to the skin, below are the ones I was sent and which each type aid –

Paprika – Skin tone and revitalization
Cucumber – Deep moisturizing
Pumpkin – Skin Nourishment & swollen skin
Avocado – Skin Vitality
Cabbage – Soothing

Korean Face Mask

As I don’t speak Korean I had a slight issue in that all the directions are in Korean, the diagrams on the packets could have shown how to do hand signals to let others know you are in trouble. I turned to trusty Google to try and work out the directions on the packet and it turns out it was much simpler than I thought. Side note you have to love the barcode on the front of the packet!

Korean Face Mask


Step 1 – Wash face with lukewarm water
Step 2 – Tidy up facial skin after washing. (Further Googling lead me to working out I should exfoliate before using the masks).
Step 3 – Attach sheet mask by using the face shape of the mask. (Aim for eye holes).
Step 4 – leave the sheet mask for 15-20 Minutes
Step 5 – Remove mask, and pat area to remove excess essence.

Bonus tips that I have found out from reading on the Internet.

  • Great to place in the fridge for twenty minutes before applying as the cooling sensation can be very therapeutic
  • Make sure that you exfoliate prior to applying masks, as your skin will absorb more of the essence from the masks.
  • Use masks when you’re stressed, as they are great stress reducer.

Korean Face Mask

Final thoughts

As a complete mask sheet newbie I found this masks to be super simple to use, and at the price point that you can get these I think I’ll be using them on a regular basis. I wish that the masks reached into the corners of your nose but the masks totally miss that area. The masks are very moisturising and make your skin feel very refreshed but feel less of a deep exfoliant than regular masks They are far easier to remove than other face masks, less messy and you get the added bonus of looking like a serial killer.

Pumpkin Juice Sheet Mask – $2.50 –  (About £1.50)*

Let me know if you have ever used a korean face mask in the past, and if so what did you think about them?


  1. 2014/04/17 / 08:21

    The packagings are so cute! I own several Korean face masks but I haven’t taken the time to try them yet.

  2. drawnby featherlines
    2014/04/17 / 08:55

    What a cute post. I love Korean make up products, especially the face masks. ♥

  3. 2014/04/17 / 09:32

    I’ve used some similar to this and I really like them because they are so easy and not messy at all!! I will definitely be getting some more!!

    Little Beauty Blog

    Elizabeth x

  4. Alex Atkinson
    2014/04/17 / 12:18

    Very tempted to try these! I rarely use face masks but love the feeling afterwards :) and they’re a bargain!! thanks :) Alexandra, x


  5. Kate
    2014/04/17 / 14:12

    Ooh I’ve been wanting to try this type of mask for a while. These look interesting! x
    Kate Louise Blogs

  6. david peterson
    2014/04/17 / 14:32

    My sister has been trying to get me to try using a mask… these sound really interesting. Its great to hear that you have had a positive experience… I think I will definitely need to try it – and I agree that these are sooo cute! I hope I can find them…

  7. Lulu Ewing
    2014/04/17 / 17:53

    These look so good! x

  8. 2014/04/17 / 18:15

    the bonus tips you found are great!!i love korean face masks and actually got some this week, so, gonna apply those tips pretty soon ;)

  9. 2014/04/17 / 22:47

    HAHAHA you have me laughing out loud “Well I know you didn’t think you would be logging on my blog today to see a Freddy Kruger lookalike” AND “you get the added bonus of looking like a serial killer.” Now I am SOLD on this product. You’re hilarious and now I want one of these masks. :)

  10. 2014/04/18 / 05:00

    Best sheet mask review I’ve read in a….well, ever, lol! I especially liked step 3 of the directions “aim for eye holes”. Reading that made me literally L.O.L. Though I’ve always been curious about them, I’ve steered clear of the sheet masks because of the fact that they’d make me look like a serial killer. This post has encouraged me to embrace it, so thank you! Haha :P


  11. Grace
    2014/04/20 / 06:45

    I use Korean or Japanese sheet masks daily, either at night as part of my skincare routine or right out of the shower if I have an extra 20 minutes. I really think that when used consistently they work well, especially when used over your (Asian) toner.

    I also think that when used before makeup they help the skin look much nicer underneath BB cream/foundation. When Iʻve used a sheet mask before makeup I feel nice and refreshed all day. (:


  12. Jennifer Jayne
    2014/04/20 / 16:33


    I have nominated you for The Versatile Award and The Very Inspiring Award..

    go to my blog to check it out jenniferjayne.blogspot.co.uk


  13. 2014/04/28 / 23:36

    I love Korean masks! As Grace mentioned, always good to use your toner first and then put the mask on.

  14. Vi
    2014/06/14 / 18:59

    Where can we purchase them?

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