Easy Nail Art Videos – Easter Chick

Easy Nail Art Videos

Easter is nearly here and I have a few nice Easter nail tutorials lined up but today I am focusing on a really easy to do chick nail art. I often get comments from people saying they could never do my nail art so this one is very simple and aimed at either beginners or as a nail idea you can do if you don’t have a lot of time. You can see my other nail art videos here.

Easy Nail Art Videos

You can vary colours and polishes but I really recommend the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat – Sweetie 400 polish for the chick texture. I have 4 different Sugar coat polishes and I don’t really know why I bought them as I am not a massive fan of textured polish. When I tried the Sweetie I thought that the sugar texture would be perfect for a little chick so that it would make it look a bit fluffy and stand out against the rest of the nail. The polishes are on super cheap on Ebay so I have attached a link if you are interested as they are £4 cheaper than in Boots.

If you are wanting to get into nail art I really recommend looking online at the Rio Nail Art Polish. They aren’t too pricy, have a range of colours and the dual tip and brush combination is fantastic for creative nail designs. The polishes I bought have a very strong colour and a good texture so you can draw with them like a pen.

Items used in the video –

Pinking Zig Zag Scissors 
General Purpose Masking Tape Roll
Sally Hansen Sugar Coat – Sweetie 400
Maybelline Forever Strong Nail Polish 612 Ceramic Blue
Sally Hansen New Lengths Nail Colour 13ml French White Tip
Barry M Gelly high shine polish 18 Mango
Rio Black 2-Way Nail Art Polish

I really hope that you like the video and please subscribe! If you want to see any more nail tutorials let me know and if you would like to see more complicated nail art or nail art aimed for beginners like this one.


  1. Ujjaini
    2014/04/17 / 16:41

    It is so cute! Please make some more videos of nail art… Thanks!

  2. Michelle Glassow Schroll
    2014/04/17 / 21:47

    I love those nails! I wish I could do something like that :)


  3. John Hartil
    2014/04/18 / 10:21

    Aww just so cute

  4. david peterson
    2014/04/18 / 13:24

    really cute!!! I am wanting to do something cute with my nails for Easter… I may try this tonight…. wish me luck!

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