Latest Makeup Trends 2014

Latest Makeup Trends 2014

Latest makeup trends 2014

Spring Beauty is here and the latest makeup trends 2014 are brighter and lighter to keep you fresh faced in these warmer months. Pink is a really big feature this spring, you may have seen my pretty in pink blogger challenge, it suits all skin types but gives a girly glow to the skin. It is such a complimentary colour and can be used to create an understated look, add pretty shimmer or add a punch of wow factor. If pink lips aren’t your thing then alternatively there is Orange Lips, the shade of the season. Other makeup trends to bare in mind are glowing skin, liquid eyeliner cat eyes and iridescent eye shimmer.

The hair trends this season include more edgy bobs, centre partings with natural waves,  extreme side partings for curls, messy updo’s and plaits.  I love extreme side partings and the textured plaits but the hair trend I am loving at the moment is the slept in rough texture.  Texture is key in hair styling this season and the modern trend of lived in matte texture is something to embrace. I naturally have messy hair, I struggle to get it to look sleek and pristeen in place but this isn’t an effortless look to create, you will need different volumizing sprays, dusts, dry shampoo, sea salt sprays etc such as the BUMBLE & BUMBLE range.

False nail nail art are becoming more and more common, there is such a range that keep expanding and improving. If you love nail art but haven’t a steady hand this is a perfect way to spruce up your nails at home. The Ted Baker Faked to Perfection floral nails caught my eye as being slightly more elegant, perfect for spring with such beautiful colours. Elegant Touch also have a fantastic array of variations and nail wraps worth trying but are a little on the pricey side. If looking for a cheaper alternative I highly recommend the Primark false nails which I think I will do a post on soon. I’ve rated them for a long time, they aren’t too thick, can be trimmed down easily and have some fantastically quirky designs. You do need to file down the top too smooth them, like you do with many false nails, but the are only £1.

Which are your favourites in the latest makeup trends 2014?

BUMBLE & BUMBLE Thickening hairspray 50ml
BUMBLE & BUMBLE Hair (un)dressing Texture Creme 150ml
TANGLE TEEZER Original brush
Fossil Keyper Zip Cosmetic Case
Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
Ted Baker Faked to Perfection floral
BOBBI BROWN Shimmer blush
The Sensual Skin Enhancer – Kevyn Aucoin
Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
AZATURE Pink Diamond nail polish
EOS Lemon Drop lip balm SPF 15
ESSIE The nail corrector
EYEKO Skinny liquid eyeliner


  1. Sujin Shin
    2014/04/10 / 08:41

    I don’t think this is exactly a “trend”, but I’ve been loving rosy bronze eyeshadow shades recently! I love mixing my Naked 3 palette with Urban Decay’s smog and half-baked. So pretty!
    And I never knew Ted Baker had false nails out! Those are adorable.

  2. Lazy Days Beauty
    2014/04/10 / 08:44

    I’m loving the Naked 3 too. Also can’t get enough of the chubby lip pencils that every brand has out at the moment although some are better than others!

  3. Fiona Heath
    2014/04/10 / 10:11

    That shimmer blush looks amazing! Might have to invest in it.. Would be great both in summer and for Christmas parties.

    Fie xx
    Coffee & Confetti

  4. Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt
    2014/04/10 / 10:19

    I’m completely embracing orange – not the easiest color in the world to wear, but it’s popping for summer :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  5. Alphonsine
    2014/04/10 / 10:20

    Urban Decay’s Naked 3 looks so amazing. Every time I click on a review of it, I want it more. The thing is, I don’t really like neutral eyeshadows – every time I’ve tried doing looks with them, I feel like I look old. But I love the fact that the Naked 3 is more rosy-hued than the others. Definitely on my special occasions list.

    Foncie x

  6. Bonita
    2014/04/10 / 10:22

    Definitely love the Matte look for lips!! xox

  7. nueyork
    2014/04/10 / 11:31

    The Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayons are definitely worth the hype! They are hands down my most used lip crayons and that is saying something considering how many have been released.

  8. Nicola Simmons
    2014/04/10 / 12:25

    Loving the pink for eyes and matte hair as I have been unintentionally rocking that for a while now! Think I’m going to be making an effort to try different coloured eyeliner to give my look some more edge :)

  9. 2014/04/10 / 14:10

    I love the naked palette but it is a little pricey. I did a post on great dupes for it and they were about $13. You could grab all of them and not pay the price for one naked palette.

  10. 2014/04/10 / 15:42

    I’m loving so many of these beauty trends! I’ve been obsessed with seeing bright orange lips and the idea of pairing it with a very subtle cat eye! Also, I need to invest in a beauty blender asap.

  11. Silke
    2014/04/10 / 17:58

    Ive been loving my centre partings for years already, happy to see its a spring trend! Too bad I dont have natural waves though :( great post!

  12. Ashly Eyler
    2014/04/10 / 18:33

    LOVE lip crayson, Eyeko is amazing (my fave is their Black Magic Mascara) and for me, pinks will forever be in style! :)

  13. Jessica Chantelle Rivers
    2014/04/11 / 19:47

    I am in love with orange lips! I also loooove the bumble and bumble thickening hairspray to add texture to my roots before doing a messy braid look! Xx

  14. 2014/04/12 / 07:22

    Just bought another EOS (Blueberry Acai) last week – they’re SO good (and cute!)
    And that Naked 3 palette – such pretty colours! I don’t have any of the Naked palettes but I think I like 1 and 3 the most out of the 3 of ’em! Was thinking of getting the Naked Basics palette to try out the UD shadows :)

  15. The Bridal Hair Workshop
    2014/04/17 / 11:25

    thanks for sharing nice information!

  16. Brook Dellar
    2014/04/17 / 19:40

    Such a cool post, considering it is April and I’m still interested so that’s saying something!!!

    Love your blog. X

  17. Michelle Glassow Schroll
    2014/04/19 / 09:07

    The Tangle Teezer changed my life so that’s for sure my favorite :-)

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