Richard Ward Hair Products – Chelsea Collection Reivew

richard ward hair products

Richard Ward Hair Products Reivew

I was recently asked to review some Richard Ward hair products so I chose to test out and review some of the Keratin Restore Range that’s part of Richard Ward’s Chelsea Collection. The main idea behind the Chelsea range is to bring his famous Chelsea salon in to your home. Sadly I don’t think Kate Middleton will be walking in to my house any time soon to get her hair washed, but you will get a blog post if she does.

There are 11 Richard Ward hair products in the Chelsea collection all aim to have different effects on your hair. From restoring your hair by nourishing and repairing lustre and shine to volumise your hair, giving your hair back its natural bounce and vitality to sleeking, smoothing and defizzing your hair. Richard Ward has teamed up with Waitrose to create this range. I was a little skeptical of the products at first as I thought it might be a case of a celebrity hair dresser trying to cash out. But after using the products given to myself this opinion changed.

richard ward hair products

The Products

The three that I asked to test out are all from the restore range. The restore range is designed to protect & rebuilding natural fibers as well as restoring some of the natural shine.  I’ve been using them now for around 2 weeks, replaced my normal shampoo and conditioner for this test.  Both shampoo and conditioner smells mildly fruity, feels slightly like a balm in texture and lathers easily. The shampoo left my hair feeling very clean and the conditioner really helped partner up with shampoo and left my hair feeling really healthy and less dry.

Lastly I was given the Keratin Rehab treatment, I have only found the time to do this once, but my hair has been in great shape from just using the shampoo and conditioner. The Keratin rehab treatment is basically a leave in conditioner and we all know the great effects that keratin has on hair. I managed 10 minutes before rinsing and my hair did feel pretty fantastic for doing it.  While it recommends twice a week, I think I’ll just use it when I feel my hair needs it.

richard ward hair products

Richard Ward Keratin Restore Shampoo* – £5.99
Richard Ward Keratin Restore Conditioner* – £5.99
Richard Ward Keratin Rehab,Fherehab* – £5.99

Why don’t you have a try with some Richard Ward hair products, and let me know what you think!

Find here more recommended shampoos for Keratin treated hair and more info on how to take care and style your hair after a keratin treatment .

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  1. Dominique
    2014/04/11 / 13:45

    I need to try this stuff! Sounds exactly what I need for my hair atm :) and the prices don’t break the bank! Fantastic! Great post! x

  2. Lucy Read
    2014/04/11 / 23:01

    I have very thick hair and as such it is very harm to tame. Keratin I started using about six years ago and it revolutionised my hair, made it tame and have a beautiful sheen. Have a great weekend Lucy x

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