Lip Ombre Fail – Red and Black Lips

I love creating lip ombre, I did a similar more dramatic look on my sister Rose when I did her make up for Harley Quinn (obviously not an everyday look). When I was contacted to try some products to create an ombre look I was really excited and definitely up for giving it a go. 

lip ombre

I decided to create a red and black ombre effect and was sent two liquid lipsticks from LA Splash. I had never tried anything from the LA Splash lip contour range before but they are described as ‘waterproof, velvety, matte finish that will stay put all night long’. The shades I received were vampire and venom, retailing at £9.50 each. Both products are incredibly dark and the vampire (red shade) was more of a dark brown than a vibrant red like I had hoped.

lip ombre

The liquid lipsticks initially had a good texture but were very hard to apply evenly or accurately. Once applied the liquid lip glosses set like dried paint to my lips, unable to be blended to give the gradient ombre lip effect. The results were so poor I can’t show you my laughable attempt. What came next was worse, the liquid lipsticks set to a very dry texture and were impossible to remove! Boy did I regret those swatches on my arm and heavily painting it around my mouth. If it were an everyday shade it would have been fine but black lips did not suit me. I tried different cleansers and misceller waters, nothing. I eventually just scrubbed and scrubbed and it mostly came off in flaky, crumbly, chipped lumps.

lip ombre

Whilst it wasn’t for me these shades would be fantastic for a night out, cosplay outfit or Halloween when you want a dramatic lipstick that will last all night and stay in place, it doesn’t bleed but the dry finish isn’t particularly pleasant, just be careful you don’t have work in the morning or you may struggle to remove it!

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