Love Aroma Sweet Treats from Yankee Candles

Yankee Candles Sweet Treats Collection contains fragrances for 2015 that are deliciously sweet! – Gingerbread Maple, Cranberry Twist and Vanilla Bourbon. As sad as it is to say goodbye to summer I, as a Yankee candle addict, am excited for the new seasons fragrance collections and cold nights in with some lovely warming candles.

love aroma

As you can tell the Yankee Candles Sweet Treats Collection was inspired by warming winter drinks and luxurious desserts. The scrumptious range is right up my street as I love sweet scents and Christmas scents in particular. I know it is early to be mentioning the C word but these candles will certainly help you relax and unwind over that hectic period!

The sweet treats range brings with it both toasty vanilla, refreshing, tangy fruits and rich spices so there is something for everyone. They are mouth watering and have a good quality, strong scent that you expect from Yankee. As Yankee has a strong scent the candle will last far longer as you don’t need to burn it for long to fill the room, hense being a little pricier than your average candles.

love aroma

So which candle is for you?

Gingerbread Maple

A yummy scent of baking goodies, a blend of spices and cloves juxtaposed with the sweet maple. More complex than my usual vanilla scent this was my favourite, reminding me of gingerbread houses and winter bakes.

Cranberry Twist

A tangy blend of sharp berries, citrus and ginger this refreshing scent is an uplifting fruity autumn fragrance.

Vanilla Bourbon

A classic warm drink in a candle jar! A medley of subtle vanilla and strong bourbon this is perfect for those with a sweet tooth!

These three candles come in 6 different candle forms, todays were sent from Love Aroma and are the small jar candles, and are a lovely size for dotting around my living room.

Which of the Yankee Candles Sweet Treats Collection fragrances is for you?

love aroma

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