Long hair styles for formal occasions

Can you believe how quickly 2020 is flying by? Looking ahead at the year, our diary is getting booked up with upcoming weekend plans. The dates have been set for family weddings, couples days out and milestone birthday celebrations. Although these dates seem far away now, it’s surprising how quickly they will come around! 

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At these occasions, it is so important to look and feel your best, and it’s never too early to start planning your look. Styling long hair is a vital part of any outfit. Don’t put planning your hairstyle off until the last minute, it will take time for you to choose a hairstyle and it will also take time for you to practice. Home use hair scissors should be highly considered if you’re going to be cutting your own hair and creating a new hairstyle. Hairstyles should be carefully considered concerning your outfit and how they hold up. Here are a few ideas of styles for future formal occasions that are easy to do and you can try at home. 


Suitable for all hair lengths, however, consider a wig if you haven’t the length but are after ultra-long, luxurious glamour. Niawigs has a large selection of quality lace front wigs and virgin hair wigs, from classic to bold, fashion-forward styles. Sometimes the most simple looks make the most significant statement. There’s nothing quite like a perfect blow-dry, ideal for a spring wedding or a big celebration party! This year will bring you plenty of special events, so make sure you feel fabulous while enjoying them! Style up with a fascinator to finish your look!

what I wore


Suitable for medium to long hair, the beautifully styled chignon is a sleek and elegant up-do. The chignon is perfect for a formal occasion, with only a medium skill level required. Have a go at trying this one yourself at home or treat yourself and ask the hairdresser for a silky Chignon style, and they’ll know exactly what to do! For a flattering full outfit accentuate the elegance of this hairstyle and add a pair of statement earrings.


Suitable for medium to long hair, formal occasions are the perfect opportunity for a sleek updo. The chic style is a level up from the classic chignon with incorporated braids to create an intricate modern look. The end result is definitely worth the extra work. 


This hairstyle requires a low skill level, and can quickly be done at home. Tie your hair in a sleek, tight ponytail then plait the hair in your ponytail. Wrap the braided hair into a bun and secure with hair grips. This is a super easy hairstyle that you can achieve in minutes. Perfect for a party look paired with a statement necklace to finish off the look.


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