Tips for photographing children

Photographing children can be a joyful process, but capturing kids with endless amounts of energy can also be uniquely challenging. There’s a lot to think about, read on for our top tips for excellent child photography…

Let go of perfection and don’t force it. When photographing children let them be wild and shoot them as they are. The draw of shooting children is capturing them as they are. The best shots are often impromptu. If you let them be carefree, you will capture natural expressions and broad smiles! Children are honest, so look for opportunities to capture this. Be ready for candid moments when they are smiling, laughing, and playing.

Tips for photographing children 1

Secondly, throw your’ pose guide’. Going with the flow is the best way to be so that the child feels confident and relaxed. Having a playful approach is so important. Having a great rapport with the child keeps them engaged and cooperative. Asking for and using their ideas is a perfect example of how to capture a smiling face with young kids effortlessly!

A little silliness goes a long way, let loose with joking and goofing around. This includes any parents about on the shoot. Once the parents let go of stress, the kids will relax too. Make them laugh by singing songs, or having a little dance. If you want them to look at you, but not pose, tell them a story while snapping away.

With children, you want to capture genuine expressions and warm moments. Get low, down to their level, to create an image that feels more connected with the child.

Don’t tire them out; shoots should never be longer than an hour. Watching for the signs of they are done, pushing beyond that point doesn’t benefit anybody.

Time is precious when photographing children. Please don’t waste any of it on your equipment, or looking at the back at your photographs. Know your gear inside and out as there is only a short window when you’re photographing children.

Being prepared is very important; shooting inside can often be prefered. The weather can’t you down, and children can be kept warm and dry with gorgeous props. Vinyl backdrops are perfect changing sets quickly for newborn portraits and child photography. There are now so many different backdrop scenes as well as faux flooring options that are 100% wrinkle-free, thick vinyl material, resistant glare and waterproof.

Enjoy it!

Make everything fun. No matter what you shoot that day, make sure they go home with a smile on their face, excited to see the photos. All you need to remember is – go with the flow, establish a friendly rapport and sense their emotions. Be ready with the perfect backdrop or location, the right lens and composition, and the moments will be easy to capture!


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