Lush Beauty Blogger Event

Come with Me, and You’ll Be, In a World of Pure Relaxation – Lush Beauty Blogger Event

Lush is one of my favourite places to visit. Not only does it involve shopping, beauty and spoiling myself slightly, but I always feel better and happier just by popping in. So when I heard I could try out their spa treatments I jumped at the chance! Upon entering LUSH I was greeted by the usual gorgeous smells, welcoming staff, and brightly coloured goods; but tonight it was lit only with little tea lights dotted all around the room, and had Willy Wonkers famous tune playing softly, giving the whole evening a magical feel to it.

Lush Beauty Blogger Event

Each spa treatment is tailor made to suit the individuals skin (and emotional) needs, giving them the best and most relaxing experience possible. Which was why I found it strange that I ended up having a foot treatment, as my feet are one of my most disliked body parts! I felt reassured and quickly at ease with them though, and was very glad I had been able to have such a treat. It started off with a warm bath for my feet with the BIG BLUE bath bomb, which helps exfoliate while still keeping our skin soft. To continue with this my feet were massaged with the stepping stone bar which I was advised to ‘break a toe off per foot’ when using. Now most people (including myself) HATE having their feet touched, or are very ticklish, but I loved the whole time! It wasn’t ticklish but relaxing and made my feet almost feel like they weren’t there they were so relaxed!

Lush Beauty Blogger Event

Lush Beauty Blogger Event

Volcano is a fantastic foot mask! It works on exfoliating and refreshing your feet, making them smoother. With this they were wrapped up in a warm towel so they didn’t get cold. While my feet were wrapped up I had a hand and arm massage using, the Peace massage bar which soothed my aching hands and fingers and some Hand Guru Hand cream as I have very sensitive, dry hands. Normally my hands dry out quickly after using hand cream, but they have FINALLY met their match in the form of hand guru, keeping them soft AND moisturised!

To finish off my feet were thoroughly washed in clean warm water, dried and treated to some fair trade foot lotion being massaged in. This was very cooling and made me feet feel so cool, fresh and ready to take me to wherever I am going to.

Lush Beauty Blogger Event

Overall I loved the whole refreshing and relaxing experience that made my feet feel brand new, and myself, like I could take on the day no matter where my exfoliated, moisturised feet took me! This treatment was created by a founder of LUSH who was going through hard times and wished to have something to help her move forward; so of course feet came to mind so she could stride past her difficulties and onto more happy (and relaxed!) times. This treatment did this perfectly for myself, and I would recommend it to anyone especially those who dislike their own feet!

Lush Beauty Blogger Event

NOTE *It is safe for pregnant women who often suffer with sore feet!

Let me know if you guys have ever been to a lush beauty blogger event and what you thought of this event. x


  1. Antonia Sheldrake
    2014/09/14 / 16:48

    I had a similar treatment once when I went into my local Lush store and mentioned it was my birthday. The staff had no other customers and invited me for a foot treatment and I loved it even though, like you, I hate my feet!

    (Maybe a top tip if you are shopping on your birthday and enter an empty lush store in future!)

  2. 2014/09/14 / 16:53

    I’ve been involved with a few Lush events before and they’re always such fun and so creative. My band was playing on their Gorilla Perfume tour of the UK and we played some incredible venues. I love how much Lush thinks about the experiences surrounding their products.

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  3. Kimberly Ann
    2014/09/14 / 16:59

    That sounds amazing! I’ve never tried anything from Lush but have like 100 things on my wish list haha


  4. Alice May
    2014/09/14 / 16:59

    That looks so relaxing! I love the tea light candles to decorate :D

  5. 2014/09/14 / 20:43

    I really should treat my legs with this stuff! It seems amazing (as lush always does).

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