DIY Floral Headband – Video

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DIY Floral Headband

I love floral headbands and thought that I would have a go at making one myself using a glue gun, headband and some fake flowers. I love DIY posts and have done a few in the past. Looking for fake flowers that weren’t pricey was difficult, there is no point spending a fortune otherwise you might as well buy a ready make headband from the shop. I found the best place to get cheap artificial flowers was from Dunelm Mill. The have a huge range of flowers and the flower bunches I chose ranged between £1 – £2.

DIY Floral Headband DIY Floral Headband

I didn’t want the headband to be too girly so used some of the blue Artificial Meadow Cornflower to even out the pink. The white Artificial Foam Rose Bundle gave a good base for the headband and thickened up the display and gave the headband a brilliant festival look.

DIY Floral Headband

I was really impressed with the Gluegun from gluegunsdirect. I had a cheap glue gun but this was so much better. It is self standing, heats up quickly and gave really accurate results. You cannot see any glue on my headband and using the stronger Glue Sticks has really secured the flowers to the headband. You can get a range of different glue sticks, glitter, colour, clear and different strengths so I will have to think up lots of future DIY posts.

DIY Floral Headband Video

I am so happy with how this headband turned out, it looks so pretty and boho chic. Let me know your thoughts on my latest DIY and if you liked the video please give it a thumbs up and if you are new to my channel then please subscribe.

DIY Floral Headband

DIY Floral Headband

Items used to create the floral headband –

Glue Sticks*
Artificial Mauve Seventh Heaven Spray
Artificial Foam Rose Bundle
Artificial Meadow Cornflower


  1. Ellen Bourne
    2014/09/12 / 22:12

    I adore this headband. Love the design. You chose such a pretty and fresh colour palette.

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