Lush Love Locket – Valentines Day 2015

I, like many people, have a love for Lush bath bombs. Not only are they really well made and feature amazing new designs each season they are also ethically made, sourced and packaged! Their Valentines day 2015 items have been impressing me and I did pick quite a lot up in store because they all looked so amazing. Earlier I shared with you my Lush Floating Flower Bath Bomb Demo video but today features the Lush Love Locket!

lush love locket

Now this bath bomb could never be described as little, this mammoth of a bath bomb is about the size of your hand and can be cracked in two to find a secret hidden bath bomb heart at its centre. Once placed in the bath it quickly fizzes away leaving your water to become a brilliant pink filled with hundreds of mini agar hearts!

lush love locket

This bath bomb is one of Lush’s more expensive products at £6.95 but you do get a lot of product for your money, if you are on the hunt for a few bath bombs from Lush then this item easily does 3 baths which makes it a little more affordable. The main scents and ingedients in the Lush Love Locket are Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute, Jasmine Absolute and Neroli Oil to make the bath bomb comforting, uplifting with a floral sweet scent.

lush love locket

I was really impressed with this bath bomb and I really hope you enjoy my little video and bit of stop motion at the beginning. The Lush Love Locket is one of the most unique bath bombs I have seen around and think it will make such a nice surprise this Valentines day for that special someone, or maybe like me a gift for yourself!

lush love locket

What is your favourite Lush Bath Bomb?

Have you tried the Lush Love Locket?

Lush Love Locket






Buy It Again



  • Large, able to use for 3 baths
  • Unique design
  • Lovely fragrance


  • Pricey
  • Hard to crack in two