Lush Shaving Soap Review – Strawberry D’Fluff

Lush Shaving Soap

Lush Shaving Soap

D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap from Lush is one of my favourite new products. If you read my blog you may have realised my passion for Lush products, who doesn’t love Lush though?, and I recently attended a Lush blogger event trying, making and learning about their products which I wrote about here.

Lush Shaving Soap As goes with the Lush brand it is cruelty free, none of their ingredients were tested on animals or bought by anyone who has tested it on animals. The Lush shaving soap is  a combination of natural ingredients and safe synthetics mixing their shaving soap with fresh strawberries, Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, rose absolute and organic rose hip oil. To give it the d’fluff light texture is also contains coconut oil, golden syrup, and egg whites.

Lush Shaving Soap

The product advice is that it can be used on any part of the body and to simply smooth the soap on the area wanting to be shaved. Whilst shaving to rinse the blade often or alternatively use as a body wash. My first use of this product followed this advice and wasn’t the most successful; it used a fair amount of product and clogged up my razor. Second attempt I applied the lush shaving soap with slightly dampened hands giving it a creamy texture that made the product go a lot further, my shave really smooth, and kept my razor clean.

Lush Shaving Soap

The Lush shaving soap smells amazing, not overwhelmingly strawberry as there are other fragrances such as rose in the ingredients. As there is coco butter in the soap after shaving your legs are really moisturised and  are left super smooth, soft and with a healthy shine finish. It is a very gentle, creamy consistency if applied with slightly damp hands so if you suffer with any soreness after shaving I would highly recommend trying this out.

Lush Shaving Soap

Lush Shaving Soap*


  1. RosieBaillie
    2014/08/01 / 09:16

    I love this stuff, I hadn’t noticed it smelt of roses, I’m going to go home and sniff it intently now.

  2. Eclectic Clash
    2014/08/01 / 10:42

    This sounds amazing! I need to try some other lush products. I always get stuck on their bath bombs and bubble bars haha Xx

  3. Paige Marie
    2014/08/01 / 12:02

    I love lush products, but was completely unaware of this product. I have tried so many shaving creams that claim to soften and moisturise, but do the exact opposite. I will definitely be putting on my ankle boots and venturing in to the city to get a tub.

  4. Alina Bostan
    2014/08/01 / 13:19

    I’ve seen this popping up on a few blogs now and it’s definitely made it on my wish list. Sounds amazing! x

    Beauty with charm

  5. Chantal
    2014/08/01 / 20:18

    Sounds very interesting, I might check it out :) x

  6. 2014/08/01 / 22:53

    I’m a huge Lush fan and I’ve been wanting to try out their shaving soap! It sounds amazing! x

  7. Aissa
    2014/08/03 / 15:23

    I have a sample of D’Fluff; I love it! I will definitely be purchasing the full size. My best friend recommended using a scrub (I used Ocean Salt) before shaving and it was the best shave ever!

    Aissa // Layer It Up

  8. pearsonlaurauk
    2014/08/03 / 18:21

    I love this. My tub is nearly finished. Really like it but don’t think i’d spend that much on shaving cream again.
    Laura | A Life With

  9. 2014/08/03 / 18:46

    This looks pretty awesome :) I usually wax but shaving is necessary some times :P :)

  10. 2014/08/04 / 13:17

    OMG…recently discovered Lush and loving every single product of them :-)

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