Skin Breeze Serum Review

Skin Breeze Serum Review

Skin Breeze Serum Review

I was recently sent some products from Skin Breeze to try out, review and share my thoughts and opinions with you all. I have been using them now for the past few weeks, incorporating them into my daily skincare routines. I received a full set of skin breeze serum for review, each to be used in different targeted areas.

First Thoughts

I remember when I first saw them I wondered how they would work as they come in very unique packaging in the shape of syringes. I would think that the idea behind the packaging is to make sure you don’t put too much on or waste any of the product. I actually found it quite annoying and difficult to get any product out due to the complexity of the pointless packaging, I would have much preferred a simple squeezy tube. The syringes have a clear lock system at the bottom to release the product, which often seems to jam and is hard to see. The are also a fairly difficult product to store.

The 5 Skin Breeze Serum Review*

Skin Breeze Serum Review
BlueUnder Eye Brightener. This stuff is great! I noticed almost immediately that after apply it an improvement to the puffiness and dark circles under my eyes. Its the only product in the Skin Breeze that I felt really worked well for me.

OrangeRejuvenation Serum. This one targets the signs of ageing, my skin felt great after applying it. I applied it morning and evening and it smells quite nice but is a little sticky in consistency. I am only 23 so I don’t really have any fine lines or wrinkles to notice effectiveness but my skin feels quite nourished after 30 days trying it.

PurpleWrinkle Filler. I personally don’t really have any noticable wrinkles yet, so I out sourced this part of my review to my mum. She tested it for a week and found that there was a fairly noticable change and that her skin felt tighter. After looking into the product, it works by plumping up the skin using hyaluronic acid. Other ingredients in the product also boost the collagen levels. I think I have noticed a change whilst she has been using it, she didn’t want any before and after pictures, but shes really happy with the result.

Red Brightening Serum. I didn’t use much of this product as I found it a little harsh on my sensitive skin. It reduces brown spots on your skin by lightening and brightening the skin tone. I felt like my skin was a little sore the day after use, but I would imagine after a few weeks use this would have some great effects, especially if you are concerned with uneven skin tone pigmentation.

YellowBlemish Fix. This is used to get a clearer complexion by targeting skin that is prone to breakouts. I just rubbed it in the necessary areas and left it to try.  I personally found this quite drying but did seem to put a stop to any breakouts. It’s probably my most used Serum from the set but a little goes a long way.

Does it Work?

I think the jury is still out on that one. While my skin felt pretty good afterwards I’m not 100% sold on it offering any long term effects, along with the price tag. If you’re looking for something as a gift or just want to try out some more salon range products definitely give them ago. While they are on the more expensive side you get a few weeks worth of products that can easily be fitted into your daily routines.

Where can I get it?

It looks like the best place to get these products is from Feel Unique, I had a bit of a hard time finding places that stock them. Let me know in the comments of any places that you find.

Skin Breeze Serum Review

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