Lush Ultraviolet Bubble Bar Demo

The Lush Ultraviolet bubble bar is one of the beautiful bath products I was given as an Easter present this year. The Lush Ultraviolet vegan bubble bar is a beautiful purple, green and blue rainbow, costing £4.75. The bubble bar itself is ginormous and the main fragrances to it are a combination of Rosewood Oil, Violet Leaf Absolute, Ylang Ylang Oil and Jasmine Absolute.

lush ultraviolet

Here is a little demo of the Lush Ultraviolet bath bomb on my Youtube channel, I hope you enjoy! Please like if you do and subscribe if you would like to see more –

The scent of the Lush Utraviolet bubble bar is an earthy, violet/rose floral, similar to parma violet sweets. The aroma is natural rather than synthetic and is complex with lots of notes to it.

The bubble bar is relaxing, uplifting, fresh and leaves the skin feeling clean but isn’t as moisturising as other bubble bars. I found it quite drying on my skin (which can be sensitive) and I had to apply moisturiser liberally after my bath.

lush ultraviolet

The Lush Ultraviolet is a huge bubble bar and creates masses of bubbles instantly, as you can see in the video. The bubbles were a little too much in my bath so I would recommend using it in 3-5 baths and spreading the use out a little. Your water turns a lovely violet shade as you would expect and, although Lush mention that is contains snowflake lustre, I didn’t really see or find any glitter on my skin/the bath afterwards.

The Lush Ultraviolet bubble bar was originally released last year so if you would like to catch up on my first demo of this bubble bar you can find it here –

I think this years looks far darker than before, but with the products being handmade they all look slightly different.

lush ultraviolet


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