Marc Jacobs 2014 Sunglasses Review

Marc Jacobs 2014

Marc by Marc Jacobs 2014 Sunglasses Review

As it is approaching the end of August and my summer holiday I decided that I would love to get some new sunglasses (hopeful thinking that it is going to be sunny). I wanted to replace my older frames that I have been wearing this year from Numero and have a few things I look for when buying sunglasses –

  • Comfort – the amount of times I’ve bought glasses only to hate wearing them is unbelievable.
  • UV protection –  if your buying sunglasses inside the UK (rather than when you’re on holiday) you can be assured that between 21-40% of the light is filtered meaning that it is great protection for your eyes. Without protecting your eyes there isn’t much reason to wear sunglasses.
  • Style – I generally go for a large frame that is slightly squared or has a bit of a cats eye to it, generally Audrey Hepburn esque.

My friends over at the Sunglasses Shop asked if I would like to try a set and let you guys know what I thought about it. So I looked through their site and when I saw them I instantly fell in love with these Marc Jacobs frames, they are a touch lighter in colour than shown on their site. The Marc Jacobs frames feature a metal love heart on the front as well as some turtle shell detailing. The Sunglasses shop have a whole range of designs in their Marc Jacobs Collection.

Marc Jacobs 2014

What I like most about them has to be how comfortable they are. Quite a few designer frames in my opinion can be on the small side making them a touch tight when you have them on or have very small and narrow arms which can be uncomfortable. These are perfect and very comfortable for me as someone unused to wearing glasses for long periods of time. The Marc Jacobs 2014 sunglasses don’t feel like they are squeezing or digging in nor do they feel they are about to fall off, just the perfect fit.

Marc Jacobs 2014

The frame is made of Acetate, Nylon and Grilamid and the lenses are CR 39 & Nylon. This means that the glasses themselves are made of high quality materials that will not bend or break easily.

Marc by Marc Jacobs *

What Sunglasses are you wearing this summer?



  1. Elisabeths Musthaves
    2014/08/19 / 13:32


  2. Samantha Marriott
    2014/08/19 / 13:55

    Love these! The arms are so pretty!

    Sam xo sjmcdf

  3. georgia
    2014/08/19 / 22:08

    Marc jacobs is my favourite brand when it comes to glasses!

  4. 2014/09/01 / 16:49

    They look like gorgeous sunglasses! Would you reccomend splurging for these, or opting for a slightly more affordable dupe?

    Holly x

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