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Elegant Touch Feather Nails

Elegant touch feather nails

I’ve featured these gorgeous Elegant touch feather nails in wish lists in the past and I’ve been wanting to try them for ages. They are gorgeous, I love the designs and they sounded so simple to apply. I’m a big fan of false nails, especially with intricate designs that would take hours to recreate, it can just be a lot easier. The nails have a lot of size options to fit all, in this pack there are 10 different sizes of nails and 24 nails to apply. They have separate adhesive tabs so they are also really easy and quick to apply.

Elegant touch feather nails

This weekend I went with a few other bloggers to judge a Bose headphone competition at the Glasgow summer sessions festival and I saved these nails to wear their thinking that I could apply them on the train. With clean nails you apply a fairly thick adhesive tab to the nail, peel off the protective sheet and press the designated nail firmly down.

Elegant Touch Feather Nails

At first the nails stuck really well, and felt like regular false nails that use glue. Within the hour of applying them 3 had fallen off and even more throughout the journey. I figured that this would be reoccurring and would be pointless to try and keep up with when trying to get on with the festival. Since I had no nail glue I just removed the remaining false nails and will keep them for another time when I will use glue.

Elegant touch feather nails

I was really disappointed with this product as I usually love Elegant touch nails. The design is so lovely and I love the numbered tabs on the nails so it is really easy to match up your nails on each hand. Its just a shame that the adhesive tabs weren’t strong.

Has anyone else had this problem with fake nails and adhesive tabs?

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Elegant touch feather nails

Elegant Touch Feather Nails









  • Design
  • Nail Length
  • Numbered Tabs
  • Quick to apply


  • Fall off quickly
  • Weak, thick adhesive tabs