Preparing for Your Wedding Abroad

If you’ve decided to get married abroad, it might save on some problems like reducing the number of guests, but there is still a lot to prepare for. Here are some ways to get started with the preparation.

Travel insurance

United Healthcare Global sell international medical insurance to cover their customers when travelling to any one of over 150 countries. So, no matter where you plan to get married, it’s likely their policy can protect you against the cost of a medical emergency. You might also recommend them to your guests, so they don’t find themselves out of pocket if something goes wrong. If you want to ensure your big day goes smoothly, this will be one less concern for you to worry about.

Consider how your guests will get there

It’s common for guests to pay for their own travel and accommodation to attend a wedding. However, if you really want a close friend or family member there, but know they would struggle to afford it, you might decide to cover some or all of the cost for them. Even if you choose a small guest list, it would be impossible for you to do this for all your guests.

The extra costs

Getting married abroad has its benefits. Depending on the location you choose, you could be almost guaranteed nice weather and a stunning location. You also might choose to stay for your honeymoon, reducing the cost of travel. However, there can be extra costs too. Paying towards the expenses for a guest who can’t afford it is just one. The prices at your chosen destination can also be higher than those closer to home. So, even if you combine your holiday and honeymoon destination, it could still be more expensive.

Hiring a wedding planner

If you were tying the knot locally, you would meet with venue owners, caterers, etc. The cost of doing this when getting married abroad would push your budget over its limit. So, it could be cheaper to hire a wedding planner from the country you’re getting married in. They could meet with people on your behalf. They are experienced at planning and organising weddings, and after an in-depth chat with you, they should be able to act in your best interests.

Ensuring you have the correct documents

While many of the documents you need to get married abroad are the same as when getting married locally, it’s important to check the rules of the specific country and not leave anything to chance. Each country will have guidelines for applying for a license, so finding out what this involves should be one of the first things you do. Do this before booking a venue, catering, or entertainment. This way, if there is a problem and you have to choose a different country, you haven’t wasted a big proportion of your wedding budget.

Getting married abroad can be a great idea. Although it involves planning and thinking about things you wouldn’t have to consider if getting married at home, it can make your big day more memorable. 


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