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MUA Lipstick Review

I’ve only recently discovered MUA as a budget beauty brand and on the whole I am really impressed. Walking past the stand I couldn’t believe MUA lipstick was £1! So I instantly bought 3 to try out. I picked up shades 11, 13 and 16, you don’t get the fancy shade names with MUA.

Shade 11 is a coral colour, very vibrant with peach and orange tones. It reminded me of the bareMinerals Go the Distance lipstick that I love so thought I would try the colour dupe.

MUA Lipstick Coral

Shade 16 is a natural shade, a blushing nude with hints of brown, not too dark but adds a very complimentary tint to my lips, perfect for everyday wear.

MUA Lipstick Plum

Shade 13 is a similar shade to the Yves Rocher lipstick I recently reviewed. I’ve developed a love for red lipstick so thought I would add to my collection. This red isn’t as pillar box red as the Yves Rocher, it has some pinky orange tone but still gives a very striking colour, great for brightening up my pale complexion or wearing on a night out.

MUA Lipstick Review

MUA Lipstick Review Summary

In terms of packaging the MUA lipstick is not cheap, in appearance it could be from any drugstore range. The lipstick isn’t scented but I was impressed with their staying power. They can be slightly drying the but the lipstick doesn’t smudge and is hardwearing. In my Yves Rocher post I commented that my lipstick didn’t stay put and that with red lipstick I would need Lipcote but that isn’t the case with these, they hold their colour really well.

Although MUA lipsticks might not be my number 1 lipstick of choice I was really impressed with the product for the price and will definitely add them to my basket in future. There isn’t the broadest range of colours but MUA seem to be expanding so lets hope more are to come. For £1 you can’t really go wrong!

Have you tried any of the shades featured in my MUA Lipstick Review?

Shade 11

Shade 13

Shade 16


  1. Miss Me
    2014/03/31 / 19:36

    They look lovely

  2. Nat
    2014/03/31 / 19:33

    The MUA lipsticks really are lovely and from what I’ve heard about them over the years the formulas for them have just got better and better! I bought my red lipstick from them years ago but stopped using it after I finished university. :( I dunno why!

  3. 2014/03/31 / 19:53

    They all look great! I never tried MUA lipsticks but they sound very promissing because of the longlasting color

  4. Mariah
    2014/03/31 / 20:08

    I wish I lived in the UK so I could pick these up! They sound amazing!

  5. Yige Z
    2014/03/31 / 20:17

    I love MUA lipsticks, and I was surprised at the pigmentation the first time is watched it on my hand! I like to get these lipsticks if I’m trying out a new colour, so if it looks awful on me then I won’t have wasted a lot of money!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  6. Sally
    2014/03/31 / 20:35

    I really like the red lipstick!x

  7. Elisabeths Musthaves
    2014/03/31 / 20:48

    Beautiful. You look so pretty

  8. 2014/03/31 / 21:21

    I have their eyeshadow palettes which I love !!!
    Pleae check out my blog i would mean the world to me and let me know what you think

    Elizabeth x

  9. Jen
    2014/03/31 / 21:40

    These seem really great shades, for only £1 each I may have to get some of my own!

  10. 2014/03/31 / 22:44

    I love these colours on you. All look gorgeous, but my favourite is that red one! It’s so striking and just looks lovely. I’m quite partial to an orange red lipstick myself :)

  11. Lindsey
    2014/04/01 / 03:08

    Loving that red color. I have been looking for a orangey pinky red.

  12. 2014/04/01 / 08:17

    I was also surprised by MUA lipsticks! The red one looks great on you, think I need to give that one a try!

  13. Alex
    2014/04/01 / 09:47

    Wow love how pigmented they are! I too couldn’t believe they are only a pound each. These shades all look lovely on you Mary! Now excuse me, I need to go stock up on summery MUA lipsticks hehe xx

  14. John Hartil
    2014/04/01 / 09:47

    Certainly lovely shades and well worth trying at that price

  15. Sayurae x
    2014/04/01 / 10:39

    I wore 01 the other day and it lasted so long, I was really surprised. Great review x

  16. 2014/04/01 / 11:23

    I love #13, I’ve a similar shade and is always on my lips!

  17. 2014/04/01 / 14:17

    They really look nice, all of them :) and for that price I probably would’ve just bought them all :D

  18. Shannon
    2014/04/01 / 17:05

    Oh, wow, only £1…! I just bought an expensive MAC lipstick and now I feel silly…will try some of these next time for sure!

  19. Stevie Blackburn
    2014/04/01 / 19:44

    I love these lipsticks – I seem to have gained the red one like 5 times from various family members at xmas time!!

    I might go pick a few more up now tomorrow!


  20. Gab xo
    2014/04/01 / 21:11

    MUA is such a good brand, the price is unbelievable! I have practically all of their lipsticks. One I would recommend you try is the Bare colour. Such a nice everyday nude colours :)

    Gab xo |

  21. 2014/04/03 / 20:15

    Whoah, I have the shade 16 (Nectar) and it’s -pure vibrant orange- on me o_O Oh my.

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