Rimmel Nail Varnish and Lipstick – Orange Lips and Tips

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The newest beauty trend we have seen this season is the introduction of orange makeup. The amount of orange lipstick spotted on the runways at Spring Fashion Week 2014 has brought orange to our attention coming into summer. Whether you choose an electric neon shade, a more natural, softer apricot shade or an orange-red shade this colour will suit all and create an eye catching look.

I’ve never been a fan of or gone out of my way to buy celebrity named makeup (Why do ID have a makeup range?!) but Rimmel’s nail varnish by Rita Ora has some amazing shades. Walking past the orange ‘Oragasm’ nail varnish stood out as a fantastic orange nail shade. Orange is much neglected in the nail varnish world, I own 1 Barry M orange that admittedly I bought for nail art for Halloween and Snowmen noses rather than to wear in full. It’s a shocking shade but if you are after dramatic nails this is perfect, it can always be toned down by painting your nails white with only a few painted with colour.

I love the Rimmel Nail Varnish colour but wasn’t impressed with the brush. It’s been a while since I bought their polish but I didn’t remember the brush being like this. It was too big, the bristle were a bit fly away and brittle and painting my nails neatly was quite hard. It gave a smooth finish but I’m used to thinner nail polish brushes.

At Superdrug Rimmel have a buy one get the second half price deal so I also looked for an orange lipstick. I found the high impact Coral in Gold Shade. It looked a lot paler before applying and has a nice shimmer to it. I loved wearing orange lipstick, its never something that I would have considered suiting me, but it perfectly matched my nails!

Are you an Orange lover?

Rimmel Rita Ora Oragasm

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick Coral In Gold 210

Rimmel Nail Varnish Orange


  1. Alex
    2014/04/01 / 15:27

    Love the lipstick! I need to be brave enough to try it :) as usual, everything suits you so well xx
    Alex – glitterandcookiesblog.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Imogen Stafford
    2014/04/01 / 15:32

    I really want to try the orange lip trend, slightly scares me though!

  3. 2014/04/01 / 15:40

    I’m really loving the orange trend! I was wary of orange lipstick for a long time because I generally don’t look good in orange clothing, but it’s actually sort of nice and flattering. :)

  4. 2014/04/01 / 15:44

    I’m obsessed with the range trend. Clothes, makeup, everything!

  5. Jill
    2014/04/01 / 15:52

    love orange makeup for spring! -jill

  6. Kayla Kluver
    2014/04/01 / 16:03

    I love orange lipstick – I have a MAC stick that I wear all the time. It’s surprisingly flattering! I like the shimmer in your Rimmel shade, will have to try. http://www.clutch-style.com xx

  7. nikkiham
    2014/04/01 / 17:26

    It looks incredible on you!

  8. 2014/04/01 / 19:44

    This colour really suits you! I love the nail polish in particular :) xx

  9. Mel
    2014/04/01 / 19:46

    I actually purchased a pale pink the other day from this range. I’m loving the colours that Rimmel have out at the moment but sadly agree with you on the brush front as well, it really lets such a wonderfully good product down :(



  10. Marina
    2014/04/01 / 20:48

    I’m really loving the orange lips trend! That colour looks lovely on you, do you think a lighter shade would look good on very pale skin? xx


    • 2014/04/01 / 21:19

      I love the paler coral orange lipsticks on pale skin, they really compliment. Although I have pale skin and embraced the contrast! xx

  11. Gab xo
    2014/04/01 / 21:09

    Absolutely love this trend, always loved orange lips and nails especially getting into spring!!

    Gab xo | gabbbxo.blogspot.co.uk

  12. Lucy Read
    2014/04/01 / 21:10

    Ooh orange I love it looks so pretty for summer. I haven’t seen this in the shops but I am now on the hunt Lucy

  13. Wendy Maldonado
    2014/04/01 / 22:15

    It’s so cute on you, I love it.. looks like fun too

  14. Jessica Whitbread
    2014/04/01 / 22:19

    I love orange lipstick – I’ll definitely be pulling MAC’s Morange out from the back of my drawer this summer!


  15. 2014/04/02 / 02:19

    Loving the orange this season!

  16. Jessi Lim
    2014/04/02 / 03:17

    Loving the color on you!

  17. 2014/04/02 / 15:34

    Yes I do. I’m wearing orange on my nails right now :D

  18. Silke
    2014/04/02 / 22:13

    Loving the orange! It is looking great on your gorgeous skin. The shade of that lipstick is adorable. Want want want!

    Silke | http://www.beyoutifulblog.com

  19. 2014/04/06 / 10:30

    I love the orange on your nails. Whenever I go looking for an orange color I seem to always find something ridiculously funny looking and never get what I want, I think I suck terribly with colors lol. And I’m honestly wanting to try wearing orange lips but I don’t think I’m able to pull it off. Well I’ll be looking for a good orangey shade. The one on your lips looks superb (:

    Blog | The Pastel Daisy

  20. Νασια Μ
    2014/04/10 / 19:18

    I think that orange is such a fresh colour for spring!I wamt to buy an orange lipstick because i like these neon colours!!I have an orange nail polish luckily so i will try it!!

  21. www.tinselbabe.com
    2014/04/10 / 19:23

    love it :) Thank you for the review Mary. I loved your ring as well. where did you get it from?? Its so cool :)

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