Staying Stylish when the Weather Cools: A Guide

When the temperature drops outside, it’s essential that we wrap up to keep ourselves both comfortable and healthy, but doing so can pose a real style challenge. There’s a tendency to add several thick and shapeless layers, but that’s rarely a great look. It can be difficult to know how to create an ensemble which is on-trend, flatters our figure and allows us to express our personal style. It is, of course, completely doable if you know a few tricks and tips. If you are looking for simple ways to stay stylish when the weather cools, this guide is a great place to start.

Staying Stylish when the Weather Cools: A Guide 9

Warm your core

The first tip is practical advice rather than style advice, but it will enable you to be more creative with the rest of your outfit choices: you to need to ensure that your core stays warm. Wearing a close-fitting vest provides a foundation to your outfit which won’t bulk you out but will make a big difference to your body temperature.

Master the art of layering

It’s no secret that layers are the key to trapping warm air in your clothes which will insulate you against the cold, but there is an art to it. A collared shirt with a jumper and a coat is a great combination, a long-sleeved top with a puffer or even a lightweight cropped jacket also looks great.

Staying Stylish when the Weather Cools: A Guide 10

Wear a statement coat

Your winter coat should be the star of your outfit because it will be what most people see on a day to day basis and is your last line of defence against the cold. Why not make a statement with your coat by choosing a bright and bold colour? It can be a great way to lift your outfit as well as your mood and will help you to project confidence. A trench coat with a belted waist is always a sophisticated choice, but if the weather gets very cold, there’s no substitute for a puffer jacket like those in the new JACK1T collection.

Staying Stylish when the Weather Cools: A Guide 11

Add statement accessories

When you’ve created your outfit, you need to consider those accessories which will keep your extremities covered including your hands, neck, and head. Oversized blanket scarves are on-trend at the moment and give you a great deal of versatility as you can either wrap it around your body or drape it over your shoulders. A pair of gloves is essential and its best to keep them neutral, so they work with any outfit, but your scarf can be a bit bolder. When it comes to choosing hats which are in season, a chic beret or a cosy beanie is ideal.

A pair of chunky boots

Year in and year out we come back to the same old friends: boots. They not only keep our feet dry and warm but also look fantastic with most outfits. A chunkier heel from fsjshoes is best for those slippery pavements and occasional snowy days. You might prefer ankle boots compared to the over-the-knee boots, but over-the-knee boots have the added benefit of keeping your legs even warmer.

Staying Stylish when the Weather Cools: A Guide 12


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