Natural Beauty Tips – Coconut Oil


Natural Beauty Tips – Coconut Oil

As you guys know I’m a huge lover of all things home made and natural. I recently posted about teeth whitening and was told in the comments about Coconut oil and the effects that it can have. It always seems like there are those few natural products that are found in household items that are able to be used in lots of different beauty treatments such as Lemon, Sugar, Honey & Yogurt that are just amazing. But one of the more overlooked and underused natural beauty tips until recently has been Coconut oil. Thanks to celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow & Jennifer Aniston coconut oil has been shoved into the limelight. Below I’m going to list 5 different uses for coconut oil, but there is so many things that it can be used for from reducing scars to working as a dandruff treatment. The best thing about it is that almost any supermarket will have it on its shelves. I’ve tried the Sainsburys £2 very large tubs as well as more expensive tiny 100% organic raw coconut oil and they are so similar and work to the same effectiveness. Both can be used as food as well as a beauty treatment and are a hard, solid butter like consistency at room temperature but quickly melt to an oil in your hand.

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3 Natural Beauty Tips for using Coconut oil

1. Waterproof Makeup Remover

If you have ever tried to remove waterproof eyeliner or long staying makeup you will know how hard it can be. One of the little known tricks is that they are no match for coconut oil. All you have to do is rub coconut oil over the makeup that you want to remove. Then get a cotton pad and wipe it off. Within a few seconds the makeup will be all on the pad. It makes taking makeup off at the end of the night a breeze but watch out, it can be a little greasy.

2. Deep conditioner

Coconut oil can be fantastic as a deep conditioner if your hair is feeling really dry and damaged. Give this a go if you fancy a change from the more expensive brand name leave in conditioners. All you have to do is get 3-5 tablespoons of coconut oil in to a small bowl, and put it in the microwave for 15-25 seconds. Once you bring it out let it cool a bit then put it directly in to your hair and distribute it evenly around your scalp. Finally put a old t-shirt that you no longer care about or shower cap over your hair and leave it in your hair for around four hours or leave on overnight. Afterwards just wash it out using your favorite shampoo, until your hair no longer feels like it has any of the coconut oil in it, and let it dry. Think you will be amazed by the results, I was! Soft, soft soft…

3. Fresher breathe & Teeth Whitening

Coconut oil has been used for long time in some cultures for this very reason. This method is known as Oil Pulling, it’s the process of putting around one table spoon of Coconut Oil in your mouth and swilling it around for 10 minutes once a day. Its worth noting that it will melt when you put it in your mouth, first time I was a little confused. While this might seem like an old wives tail, and I was very dubious about trying this, it really does work. It works by breaking down bacteria in your mouth and freshening your breath, and slowly removes discolouration of your teeth in order to bring back their natural shine. I have been doing this for the past week and I have noticed whiter teeth. The taste isn’t fantastic at first but you get used to it and having oil in your mouth whilst sounding horrible isn’t really all that bad. I just watch the TV for 10 minutes whilst swilling and try to remember not to talk.

Let me know if you have used coconut oil in the past, and if so what natural beauty tips have you got to add to my list?

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  1. 2014/04/18 / 07:45

    I didn’t know about the teeth thing with coconut oil, or make-up removing! I want to buy some now. x

  2. 2014/04/18 / 08:01

    I just hopped on the coconut oil band wagon, and use it as a deep conditioner. I LOVE how soft it makes my hair feel! I only just yesterday heard about the effects of oil pulling, so i will be sure to give it a go. I actually quite like the taste of it haha

  3. 2014/04/18 / 09:06

    This sounds like a miracle product!! I’ve heard about it as a deep conditioner but not for its other uses!! I will definitely get my hands on it!!
    Little Beauty Blog

    Elizabeth x

  4. Amadee May
    2014/04/18 / 09:13

    I like the idea of whiter teeth but I don’t know if I’d be willing to swill oil in my mouth for 10 minutes. I think I’d be worried about swallowing it haha. Great post :)

  5. 2014/04/18 / 21:03

    I’m going to have to try the Oil Pulling technique. I’ve been noticing that my teeth aren’t looking as white as they should, but I don’t want to spend a ton of money on teeth whitening toothpastes that might not work.

  6. Sarah Barker
    2014/04/18 / 21:36

    I use coconut oil on my split ends. It seams them right up.
    Also it smells like good.

  7. 2014/04/18 / 21:44

    I’ve been trying oil pulling this week and I’m pretty into it

  8. gina
    2014/04/19 / 09:49

    i’ve been using it on my itchy head – think its working!!

  9. Nate Middleton
    2014/04/19 / 15:01

    I absolutely love love love coconut oil! I use it for everything from my hair to cooking! lol

  10. Kate
    2014/04/19 / 19:54

    I had no idea you could use coconut oil to whiten your teeth! I’m really intrigued to try it. x
    Kate Louise Blogs

  11. 2014/04/20 / 00:21

    I keep meaning to try oil pulling but it just freaks me out….. Did you start with one tablespoon or did you work up to it?

  12. naturflavur
    2014/04/20 / 06:43

    I use it very often as a moisturizer, mainly for my face and hands. Just a little goes a long way! It holds up well even during the winter. It’s flavourful and nutritious for cooking, too! (:

  13. 2014/04/20 / 18:42

    I love coconut oil…it’s a staple in my beauty routine. I use it as a deep conditioner and as a sealer to seal moisture into my hair, and I use it to make my body scrubs.
    Lovely post!

    Keisha xo

  14. 2014/04/20 / 19:45

    I love multipurpose products, this sounds lovely! I’d quite like to see how it works for teeth whitening, I didn’t realise you could use it for that until reading this :) xx

  15. 2014/04/21 / 16:56

    I’ve been using coconut oil for years now, especially for my hair. Sometimes I moisturise my skin with it. I also read that a few people use it as face wash, so I’ve been trying that. So far so good. ^__^

  16. 2014/04/23 / 22:32

    Apart from that, its great if you want to prepare chocolate muesli at home:) just made it, and the recipe calls for somo coconut oil
    Its one of those wonder things everyone needs:)

  17. 2014/05/13 / 06:23

    Coconut oil is also good for your skin.
    I use it instead of body lotion.
    I have heard that is a not so well kept secret from women in PNG (Papua New Guinea), whom use it all times to keep their skin hydrated and specially during pregnancy!
    I’ve never been pregnant, but my Aussie mum lived in PNG and she and all her daughters used it during pregnancy and have no stretch marks at all.
    I am posting this on my blog and link it to yours so my followers can come to yours and read about the other benefits.
    Thanks for this!!!

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