5 Steps to More Health and Happiness This Summer

So, you’ve said goodbye to your woolly jumper for another year, swapped your slippers for sandals, and can’t wait to spend some time on the beach – but after a few weeks, reality has set in. 

Your skin is dry, your hair is stringy and lifeless, you’ve gained weight – and you’re not feeling so good about yourself.

Happiness Comes From Within

This list is for those people who feel like their bodies have been failing them lately. 

If you need some direction as to what steps will help you to feel healthier this summer, hopefully, these tips can help make up for it.

Step 1 – Start With Your Food and Supplements

The truth is that your body needs food and essential supplements to make it through the summer season. This is a time when your body is most prone to dehydration, bloat, and extreme exhaustion, which can all be caused by the heat.

It’s important to stay hydrated throughout this season (not only will it help with energy levels, but it will also help you shed that weight).

Don’t neglect your supplements either! A good all-around multivitamin will do wonders, not to mention adding something like CBII CBD gummies to your routine to boost your overall feelings of health and wellbeing.

Step 2 – Prevent Negative Emotion

A big part of happiness comes from within yourself. 

Avoiding any negative energy that could potentially cause you to feel depressed or anxious is a good thing, especially over the summer season.

Avoid these negative emotions by making time for yourself and doing things you love – and by surrounding yourself with people who support you, who make you feel happy, and who have a positive effect on your life.

Step 3 – Make Your Home Your Happy Place

A happy home is your first haven, somewhere to retreat to – you can’t always be at work or out with friends. 

Have a garden that you’re excited about, and make sure that it’s filled with the necessary ingredients for success (i.e., flowers, fruit trees, and herbs). 

Putting effort into your garden not only reinforces the fact that you care about what you have, but also creates a wonderful place for you to retreat to whenever you need a break from work or life in general.

Step 4 – Practice Positive Self Talk

Being positive is a major key to happiness, and it’s as simple as taking time to listen to what you tell yourself. 

What kind of self-talk are you doing? Are you saying things that make you feel bad about yourself, or what’s stopping you from achieving your goals? 

“Stop doubting yourself” – say this sentence out loud when you’re talking to yourself in order to quell those negative thoughts.

Step 5 – Be Present in the Moment

Being present in the moment is a key to happiness and success, both of which are key to feeling good about yourself. 

When you’re present in the moment, you pay attention to everything around you instead of being overanalytical and caught up in your own head (this type of mentality creates negative energy that can lead to depression and anxiety).

Follow these steps and you’ll have a happy summer! 


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