The Perfect Ways To Spoil A Food Lover

Everybody loves food. Whether you’re a sweet or savoury lover, dark chocolate or not, or crisps or chocolate. Our lives revolve around what we’re having for dinner at the end of the day, or where we’re meeting friends for food. But why wouldn’t it?! Food is the best! It can make you happy when you’re sad, and comfort you like no human can. Chances are, you know someone who loves food just as much as you do. So whether it be a special occasion or not, why not spoil them to a little indulgence. You’ll be there too so it’ll be a treat for yourself!


Cook A Meal

We’ll start with the cheapest first. Sometimes you just can’t beat a good home cooked meal. But go all out. We’re talking starters, main, dessert, cheese board. The lot! Whoever your guest is, be it your friend, partner, or parents, you’ll know exactly what they love. Try and be experimental as well, pushing yourself out of your food comfort zone will encourage them to as well. A nice idea would be to move through different cuisines. Try a Chinese starter, Italian main, and finish with a traditional British dessert. Make sure it is all homemade as well, if you’re doing it, you might as well do it right! Find a nice wine to compliment each course. Throw in a luxurious cheese board at the end, and you’ve had yourself a successful dinner date. There’ll be food comas all round, but it’ll be worth it.

Surprise Gift

This is the best of the three. Imagine how happy you would wake up, to find Mr postman delivering a gift, and it turns out to be food. Exactly! There are so many gift hampers on the internet that you’ll be spoilt for choice. You can grab one’s that you can completely personalise to the recipient’s likes. You can even find ones that are a mixture of food and drink. Even better. Choose whether it should be sweet or savoury, and find the most luxurious one to give them a real treat. If you find one you like as well, why not treat yourself, so you don’t feel left out! Or if money is a little tight, just bake them their favourite cake and turn up at their door. You’ll definitely be worthy of a slice then!


Dinner Date

It doesn’t matter who they are; everyone deserves a dinner date now and then. Whether it be for a nice pub meal, or an all out fancy Miller and Carter level meal. Know your guests likes and dislikes, and pick the most desirable restaurant based on that. Try and pick somewhere that does a wide variety of foods so you can experiment. If there’s one good thing about food, it’s that you can try something new and instantly fall in love with it. A restaurant is the perfect place to do this. Pick somewhere that couples with a nice cocktail bar. There’s nothing like washing down a lovely meal with an ice cold frozen daiquiri.



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